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Hi I'm Bob Barrett

Bob Barrett. Student film national award winner, MS coast Katrina survivor, door to door salesman, philisophy student, and Mormon.

About Me

A little about myself? Well, here goes. I was born surviving off Ramen noodles and Kool-Aid— just the sort of motivation a youth needs to get an education. The oddity was that it was my father's Harvard education and first and only failed business that had placed my family in a thrifty life style. My father always encouraged me to love school; however, I despised school: the imposing discipline, the social terrorism, and, most of all, the boredom. My form of rebellion was to escape to extravagant stage plays made out of bed sheets and turned over couches. I spent hours pretending I was some mysterious magician that was to fight my evil younger brother—robot. He had often taken my younger sister captive. It was my quest to free the Princess, and then record it to my Tonka toy video camera. As I was young, the back seat of my parent’s car I had developed an enduring infatuation to the beats of Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Les Miserables. It was the rumbles of an armrest to the winding curves of the night’s deepest tranquilities where I rested my ear to the sounds of the rolling tires beneath me mixed to my parent’s musicals remedies. First, when I was 16 I was very lucky and privilege to attend South Miami’s Celia Cruz School of the Arts where I met Rudy Diaz, a teacher who taught me the passion of directing movies. It was with his help I directed a movie about the struggles of the Vietnam War, which won first place in the National Scholastics, out of hundreds of films.

Why I am a Mormon

It was seven in the morning when I heard the sounds of chainsaws just outside the window. I had peeled my face off the carpet of the local church building. My companion, Elder McBride, and I had been serving on the coast of Mississippi when Katrina had forced me to realized how infinitely naïve I was. The first thought in my mind after the disaster was about the family that we had been teaching, the Gallegos. Soon my thoughts was pulled towards surviving off food storage, and spending most our time unburying homes and finding investigators from the most unusual circumstances. For my last transfer of my mission I returned to a familiar cul-de-sac, although, I did not recognize the Gallegos house—Katrina had leveled it. Yet, I decided to knock on the door of the house rebuilt over the old one that Sister Gallegos answered the door! I was elated to see she and her family had survived. Today we still keep in touch through Facebook. In between school, I have experienced the struggles of holding to ethical principles while amongst the building greed that stems from multiple years of selling door-to-door security systems. My favorite memories were when my route crossed paths with the local missionaries because I was able to sacrifice a few sales doors, curious to join Elders in some tracking. The reassuring burning of the spirit was much more valuable than any momentary dollar amount.

How I live my faith

In returning to BYU Idaho was a risky marriage to the brilliant Elizabeth Barrett. For, she had decided to marry a Mormon boy despite her father being a staunch Catholic. Further, Elizabeth also has an illustrious reputation having obtained that status as a public relations graduate while nurturing our baby girl who had been struck with a tormenting colic. It was then for her graduation, her father—by a miracle—agreed to visit BYU-I campus. During his visit, he decided to stop in Salt Lake to visit the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, where he says he had transfigured into some sort of awaking. He has since accepted her for her beliefs. I have seen my wife shape my life to the point that I cannot begin to do justice to her and her influence. Most of all, she has taught me to respect sympathies and duties passion to family. As she with a duty to care and persistence, reminds me that I do not know what I often suppose I know. Since, I have continued my education here; for it is here, my philosophy teachers have introduced me to many writers and thinkers, and their ongoing dialogue. Immanuel Kant and CS Lewis, in particular, deeply influenced me during this time here. I have been absorbed into an aching to know, and I feel that by taking as many classes as possible, I will come to know of life’s hidden treasures. Now I am just beginning to continue my education while I simultaneously look forward to opportunities and careers. Because, after all of this undergraduate schooling, my adventures have only just began. For it is I think I have been, and will in this life always be, a child playing with his toy Tonka video camera , acrylic colors on white canvas, on an adventurous quest through a vastly mysterious world stretching out from where I play into the eternities. But oh, what play!

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Bob Barrett
It was the first time where I had seen the prophet in person, at the time it had been president Hinckley, where I had experienced an overwhelming burning starting from my chest that expanded throughout my whole body; I knew he was a prophet. Show more Show less