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Hi I'm Brian

I grew up in Pocatello Idaho. I love science and playing ultimate frissbee. I'm a Mormon and a missionary in So Cal

About Me

I love science and learning how things work. I like to look up random facts and they do come in handy every once in a while. I love to play ultimate frissbee, I like to bowl, and i love to play basketball. i take pictures of nature on my free time. It makes me feel better and actually a good stress relief just like doing the rubic cube. I have narcolepsy and before you ask that is just where i just don't get deep sleep and my mind is too active. It's fun sometimes. I'm a missionary serving in southern California. I also have had certian events in my life that still come back to me and haunt me to this day. However, I learned many important lessons from some of these events like always listen to prompings immedediate and don't dely, remeber why Christ came to this earth and condencended as far as he did and suffered what he did, you can fully understand the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ with out having to use it to get through those hard times in life, and God is ALWAYS in control just to name a few.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the chruch but i have gained a testimony over many years and expriences. I know that this is the one and only true chruch of Heavenly Father. I know that the holy priesthood of God, which is to say his power and the athority to act in his name, is on the earth today and that a worthy holder of this priesthood can bless people's lives more then they would ever think possible because they can be a conduet for the Lord to blessthem. I also know that our Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us and He wants what is best for us. I know that The Book of Mormon and the Bible both build upon each other and they are the word of God and they testify of each other. I know that all of these things are true because the Holy Ghost has testified it unto me when i prayed and asked and he has given me a powerful testimony that no man nor devil will ever be able to shake let alone destroy. i know it is true with all assurity of my soul and you can too.

How I live my faith

I do all I can to help everyone I meet. I practice what I preach because I know that it is true. I help in service projects and I attend activities. I'm a missionary right now and as such I talk to all i meet and I teach all that will listen and act on the true message i share and I try to help in any way I can. I also have had certian events in my life that i have been able to turn to the gospel and doctrine that I love some much. The lessons that I learned were hard for me but looking back I'm glad I had to learn them even with the reason why I was compelled to do such. I would suggest not being compelled to learn things just learn it yourself. It's easier i promise. I know that this life is meant for all of us to get stronger and also come closer to God and His Son, Jesus Christ, and it's not going to be easy. In fact if it gets too calm for too long I start to ask if what I'm doing is right because when i'm not doing the right thing is usually the only time for me that everything is calm for a while. I know that the message of this Church is true and also that God is always on our side.

What do Mormons believe about the Bible? Do they regard it as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) regard the Bible as holy scripture. In fact we use the Bible all the time. The Bible was put together by Prophets and Apostles of God by his Power. This is the same as the Book of Mormon and the Book of Mormon supports the Bible. In 1st Nephi 13:41 it reads about the book that shall come forth that shall have the writings of the Lamb of God and the 12 Apostles of the Lamb. Wow doesn't that sounds like the Bible to you because it does to me. Also the Bible testifies of the Book of Mormon. In Ezekiel 37:15-17 (KJV) which reads about how there will be two books and one will be written by the tribe of Judah (the Jews) and one of the tribe of Joseph. The Bible was written by the Jews and so there's no mystery there on that book. How ever on the next book, there is only one possibility and that is the Book of Mormon because it is written by the tribe of Manasseh and Manasseh is the son of Joseph and through descendents of Joseph came the Book of Mormon so there is the two books. Yes Mormons regard the Bible as Scripture and the Book of Mormon also testifies of the Bible and the Bible testifies of the Book of Mormon and they both testify of the of our Lord, Savior, and Master Jesus Christ. Show more Show less

Are Mormons Christians?

Well to start off let us all understand the definition of a Christian and that is "Of, relating to, or professing Christianity or its teachings. Or A person who has received Christian baptism or is a believer in Jesus Christ and his teachings." (as stated by http://oxforddictionaries.com/us/definition/american_english/Christian) Ok now that that is out the way the really name of the "Mormon" church is The Church Of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints. We believe in Christ as evident in our name and we live by his teachings. For example Christ said to Nicodemus in St. John 3:5 (KJV) that we have to Be baptized by one holding the proper authority of God to go to heaven. Also that we have to follow the example of Christ to also return to Him and God. So by truth and definition we are Christians. Show more Show less

Why do you have 12 Apostles? They were just meant to be around for the time of Jesus Christ, not to be replaced with new apostles.

Well basically we have to keep in mind that Christ also set up in His church had a certain order for example Christ set up a Quorum of the Seventy, as said in St. Luke 10:1(KJV), however God had Moses set up a Quorum of the Seventy, as stated in Numbers 11:16 (KJV), and that just bears testament that there are thing in the order of the Church of Christ that must have and one is the Quorum of the Seventy and the other more important part is the Quorum of the Twelve to be the leaders and to testify of the divinity of Christ. Christ called a Quorum of Twelve Apostles in Matthew 10:1(KJV) and on the same principle as for the seventy if Christ set it up in any time prior to this time it must be in his true church today because God never goes backward. That's why we have Twelve Apostle because to be the True Church of Christ we need the same organization as was set up prior to this day. Show more Show less

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

The people who wrote the Book of Mormon are prophets just like the people that wrote the Bible. Also just how there is no mention of Peter, James, John, or Paul, just to name a few of Christ's Apostles, in the Old Testament is it really a surprise that there wouldn't be mention of the Book of Mormon prophets in the Bible. It also helps to realize that the Book of Mormon was written in America while that Bible was written in Jerusalem. Show more Show less

Why don’t Mormons have paid clergy?

Well in 1st Peter 5:2 (KJV) it states that we are to feed the flock of the church of God and that we are to do this without having the feel that you must but having a want to do such. Also not to do it for lucre, or gain, but to do it with a ready mind. So we can get from that verse of scripture and many more that the true church of God will not have any paid ministry or "tenders of the flock" and we claim to be the true church and so it would make perfect sense on why we don't have such. Show more Show less

How are the activities of the Mormon missionaries funded?

The missionary efforts of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is funded by the missionaries and also loving members who choose to give up their own funds to help out and they are also blessed so very much for their sacrifice. Each and every missionary pay into a fund and then that fund is divided and distributed throughout the whole earth to different missions. Also the reason why these missionaries are whiling to give of their own time and money is because they know that the wonderful message they share is true and have blessed, is blessing and will bless them and their families. Another reason why they don't get paid for what the do is that would turn them into paid ministers and as we learn in 1st Peter 5:2 (KJV)the true Church of God can not have paid minister. Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

To start off with a quote by Albert Einstein he said," There are two ways to live your life. One as if everything is a miracle and the other is as if nothing is a miracle." So everything tells me there is a God. For example I'm here and the world is here and you are here. think about it our bodies are extremely complex and that helps to prove there is a God. then the fact that the World and all of the planets are in a perfect order and don't collide into each other causing many problems through out the universe. also Hebrews 11:1 (KJV) states this about faith and in turn God,"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."You can tell me you really think that all of this just happened. So everything proves there is a God. there is always more and more evidence coming to light everyday that proves there is a God just a the before mentioned scripture states. Show more Show less

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

We believe that there truth that must be spread to all the world. that would be the reasn why Christ siad in Matthew 28:19 (KJV) that we need to go to all the world teaching them and baptising them in the proper way, like how he was baptised, with the aythority to act in God's name. So we believe in Christ and his teachings and we know that they bring extreme happiness to us and if we were truely Christ like we would want the same happiness to enter into the lives of all our brothers and sisters through this message. so that is why we havemissionaries that proselyte because we care about everyone and do what we can to help them. Show more Show less