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Hi I'm Angela

I'm a wife and a mom. I love playing jokes, laughing and being with family. I'm a dreamer, often stubborn and i'm a mormon.

About Me

I love my family and being with them every opportunity I get. There are times I secretly wish we were millionaires so my husband wouldn't have to work anymore so we can spend all our days with one another and our children. However, I do admire his ability to work hard to provide for our family. He is a true example to our two children. People tell me i'm still young but there are days I feel old. Being a mom is hard work. In fact, it is more difficult than teaching high school students. As tough as being a mom is at times, I would not change it for anything. We have given up a lot in order for me to stay home and I am so thankful we have. The Church teaches about the importance of family and how no amount of money can compensate for failure in the home and I do believe that. I am not perfect but I do my best to be an example to all those I come in contact with. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the elderly. When I look at an older person walking or sitting, I always get a smile, make sure I say, "hello" and I wonder what their life was like growing up. My hope is when I get old, people will want to talk to me and hear my stories.

Why I am a Mormon

I joined the LDS church when I was fourteen years old. I remember at that age, like most teenagers, I felt lost. I truly was looking for more than what I had before me. My friends began to change, I was being offered drugs and tempted with other not so great things, it was a path I did not want to take. It was then I started praying for help and understanding. Not long after, the missionaries showed up at my house. I loved what they taught about families being eternal, a loving Heavenly Father and about Joseph Smith. Most people question his story but I did not. As I was listening to the missionaries talk about his life and praying for guidance at a young age, I felt a warm powerful flow of love take over my being. It was then that I knew the church was true. If I was seeking guidance at my age and the missionaries came to my door, why would the Lord not answer the prayers of others? Of course I did not have visions but I had the confirmation I needed. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. My husband always says, "We don't go to church to put on a fashion show or to have a bunch of friends, we go because we love the Lord." He is right. I love my Heavenly Father. I love that he has provided blessings in my life amongst the storms. For seven months we were part of a ward where people would not talk to us, where we felt unloved and unwanted by the people but never by the Lord and we went. We went every Sunday and did what was asked of us because we know why we are there. It did not make it easy but I am glad I did it. The gospel is perfect, not the people. I have been blessed a million times over and I have also had about a million trials - or so it seems. Through all my trials, when I stop and look, I see blessings. I count my many blessings and know where they come from. I know because of the church and what it teaches. I love the opportunities I've been given to learn more about what is expected of me, how to be a better spouse, mother, friend and servant of the Lord.

How I live my faith

I live my faith daily. I have learned to always have a prayer in my heart, to set aside tasks that aren't so important to serve not only my family but those in need. I am able to take certain events from my life and use them as teaching tools for my children, husband or those that I come in contact with. I'm blessed to work with the youth in my ward both on Sundays, Wednesdays and any other day I feel I need to contact one of them or help one of them. I love them, they build me up and strengthen my faith because in order to teach them, I must read more, prayer more and work harder. Each month I get to go and visit with three female members of the ward in their homes and share with them a short message, visit with them and offer my support in any area they may need help. I love my faith, I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ and believe it is important to live it fullly.