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Hi I'm Andrew

I'm a Texan. I'm a graduate of Louisiana State University. I'm a quidditch player. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a dedicated student and a die-hard LSU Tigers fan. I loved walking across the stage of the Pete Maravich Assembly Center just as much as I loved walking across the field for any home football game. I also love to play quidditch. Yes, it's real, and yes, it's awesome. I graduated in three years with my Bachelors of Arts in English. I served a mission in the Colorado Denver North Mission, and am currently serving in the Colorado Fort Collins Mission. I'm engaged to a beautiful girl who has finished her Masters degree. On my way through college I had many different experiences and saw so many things I had never encountered before. I saw friends go down paths I would have never predicted, and not all bad. One of my friends went from being a heavier-set individual in high school who played football to a super skinny art major. I suppose this helped prepare me for the big change that was about to occur in my life.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I saw the faith of those around me and I was astonished. It all began with a boring weekend at my step-dad's apartment with nothing to do. I had come over to hang out with them for the weekend, but they had to go run errands for a little while. I elected to stay at the apartment, but found myself bored rather quickly. After thirty minutes or so, I noticed that my step-dad's computer screen was open to the PBS website, and several documentaries were listed. I scrolled through the list, not seeing anything that seemed incredibly fascinating until I came to a special about the LDS faith. Not really finding anything else, I decided to watch it and learn a little about the Mormon faith. After the two hours had passed, I came away intrigued by Mormons, but not a convert. But in the video something struck me. A woman had said that she was glad she made the trek to Utah with the early pioneers, even though she lost almost all her children, and she would do it all over again. Obviously, she had great faith, but was there something more to it than that? I set it aside in my mind for the moment, mostly because school work needed to be done. That semester, I was taking a research methodology class, and we were told we could research anything that we wanted. I thought it would be fun to interview missionaries with the Church, to see how they converted people to the faith. But I had no intention of being a Mormon. After I had talked with my professor about the idea, she said that she liked it, but I would have to find missionaries to talk with and study. Not knowing where to turn, I went to have lunch with some friends, pushing the idea to the back of my mind. At lunch, however, my friends informed that they were about to meet with missionaries of the Church, and they said I could come along. I was thrilled, and during that first meeting I felt the Holy Spirit for the first time in my life. I ended up getting an A in the class, and a whole new outlook.

How I live my faith

I live my faith everyday by being a good person. I try to help others develop the same love I have for our Savior Jesus Christ. And I strive diligently to remain worthy for my soon-to-be wife. I'm serving a mission with the Church in Denver, and though I have only been a member for two years I know that this Gospel is true and that I want it to be a part of the rest of my life. Even though I know many people reading this may not believe all that I have said, that I'm lying or brainwashed, I want to assure you this is untrue. I have never felt happier than when I lived this Gospel, questioning everything I learned along the way. Questioning concepts is not a sign of doubt. Rather, it is a sign that you are trying to delve deeper and understand that Lord as best as you can. Though through all my questions I always remember that Jesus is the Christ, that Heavenly Father loves everyone, member or not, and that we today are guided by a man whom God directly inspires. I love my faith, and I'm going to live it for the rest of my life.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

My fiance is the strongest person I have ever met. Every single she proves how great she is, and she is going to be my partner. I feel how strong she is, and when I look at her I feel God's love for me. She supports me, and I support her. Show more Show less