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Hi I'm Marilyn

I'm a Mormon. I grew up in TN (USA) & now live in SC. The Church has enriched & brought joy to every aspect of my life.

About Me

I've survived the pain of divorce & testify that the Savior heals. Earlier pain has been swallowed up in the years of joy & love in my current marriage. Having M.S. has brought struggles at times, but doing very well now. I'm a grandma & loving the joy & humor regarding the antics & perceptions shared by grandchildren of various ages. For instance, one 4-yr-old grandson thought that since his gold fish get flushed when they die, that we'd all leave this world that way. He even asked his mother if heaven was in the toilet after one fish "burial". And there's the 13-yr-old grandaughter who tossed a marble at her mother across the room during a wedding reception to get her attention, & it hit her in the face (got her attention!). There are always interesting things going on where grandchildren are concerned, & together we have 15 with another on the way! A favorite hobby is working in my flowergardens, & another is taking care of the 5 chickens we've had since they were 4 days old. This has been my first experience raising chickens, & they're actually pretty fascinating pets (yes, we've named them, so they are strictly for producing eggs at our house!). Inside we have 2 cats whose antics entertain us as well. My husband is retired & I stopped working in 2007 to have more time with my very ill mother, who died later that year. Soon after a daughter facing divorce moved in with us with her baby so we could help with him while she finished her education - only 2 semesters to go!

Why I am a Mormon

As a teen I attended a few Church meetings with my boyfriend, who was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I remember being touched when he knelt & blessed the bread before it was passed to the congregation as part of the Sacrament meeting, when the bread & water are taken in memory of the Savior's atonement & cruxifiction. Though I didn't always understand everything said in the meetings, I liked how I felt there. After one meeting two missionaries for the Church started to approach me, but my boyfriend shook his head "no" & they turned away instead. At 16 & fairly new to the Church himself, he was uncomfortable about how I might react to them, so, regretfully, it was 10 years later before I finally learned about what was to entail the greatest blessings of my life! Through the Church I have drawn closer to Heavenly Father & gained a much deeper understanding of the Atonement of Jesus Christ & the agony he was willing to endure as he suffered the penalty for each individual sin of every person ever to exist. The Church has taught me about the Holy Ghost & how he testifies to us not only of Heavenly Father & the Savior, but of all truth. I have learned how we all lived before birth as the spirit children of Heavenly Father. He knows & loves each of us. We are given bodies so we can grow & experience the trials, challenges, & joys of mortal life, where we can learn that there is no lasting joy or true peace unless we sincerely strive to follow the Savior's teachings. It is through him that we can develop charity & learn what he meant when he taught that we find ourselves through losing ourselves in service to others, that it is better to give than to receive. He is our perfect example of how to try to become, though we are incapable of perfection in this life. Eternal progression means learning & growing throughout the eternities. I am a Mormon because all these things show me how to become better than I am, & how to find true, lasting joy.

How I live my faith

I've been a member of the Church since 1978 & have had various callings, all of which have taught me new skills & helped me improve in many ways. I've taught classes for adults, for teens, as well as for younger children, have served as pianist, written articles involving the Church for a local newspaper, served as secretary in different auxiliaries, & I currently put together monthly newsletters for our Primary organization as well as doing the weekly bulletins for our Sunday Sacrament meetings. Many of these callings were at first very intimidating, but with prayer & the encouragement & guidance of church leaders, I learned that if I would do my part as best I could then Heavenly Father would bless my efforts so that I could fulfil what was being asked of me. Where before I'd been very uncomfortable speaking in front of people, it doesn't bother me now (something of a miracle, considering how shy I used to be). I am also a visiting teacher, meaning I visit or contact (via phone, letters, email) three women every month to see how they're doing & if they are in need of assistance from me or the Church in general. For example, one of these women (an invalid) lost her husband a few years ago & needed help moving in with her mother. That meant several men from the Church helped add a room to her mother's house, and later moved furniture & boxes packed by the women of the Church to her mother's. Many participated in labeling & pricing items to be sold in a huge yard sale, which was done by members of the Church consulting with the widow who was unabe to come outside. All these things took a lot of time & a lot of work, but both were given freely & lovingly by members of the Church. That is what the Church teaches us to do in its efforts to teach us to follow the Savior's teachings & his example. Part of our purpose here is to share one another's burdens & offer comfort & encouragement where they're needed. We must at times be the Savior's eyes & hands.

What is the Church’s position on abortion?

Abortion is too often used as a form of birth control after "casual sex" results in pregnancy, or when more serious couples decide they aren't quite ready to start a family at the current stage of their relationship, etc. The Church teaches chastity before marriage. In a talk to the youth by Jeffrey R. Holland, an apostle in the Church, he was advocating chasity before marriage, explaining that sexual relations were deeply intimate & meant to be an expression of the deepest love between a man & a woman who were committed to each other for life, & would therefore be committed to any children they brought into the world. Heavenly Father is very concerned with how we enter this life & wants each of us to be surrounded with love in our homes. Under those circumstances there would rarely be a situation where abortion would be considered. I can think of no other situation where abortion might be acceptable than those listed in the Church's official answer above, except in the case of incest (which would fall under the category of rape, so I guess they did cover it). Show more Show less