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Hi I'm Tyler Cash

Marathon runner. Outdoor lover. Healthcare worker. Happy Mormon.

About Me

Healthcare Worker. Outdoor Lover. Marathon Runner. Those phrases best describe me. I'm a college student studying to become a physicians assistant. I've worked as a hospital phlebotomist (a professional blood sucker) for almost 4 years now, and I love my job! There's something about being able to help somebody each and every day you work that's very satisfying. When I'm not working, sitting in class, or studying, you'll normally find me outside. Hiking and rock climbing are a couple of my favorite things to do. Perhaps my favorite thing to do outside is run (weird, I know). I've run a Ragnar Relay, completed 5 marathons, and have more races planned in the near future.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I Mormon? Simple. Because I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and what it teaches is true, and it's where my Father in Heaven wants me to be. Though I've always been a member of this church, I haven't always been faithful to it. There was a time I turned away from the teachings of God and traveled my own paths. But when I picked up the Book of Mormon after I'd traveled far away from where God wanted me to be and sincerely read it for the first time, my attitude towards God changed. As I read and prayed about it, the Spirit of God touched me. It was a feeling unlike anything I'd ever felt before. Because of the special experience I had with the Book of Mormon, I knew what God wanted me to do and where God wanted me to be. I started going back to church and living the commandments, and I've never been happier. No matter how appealing straying away from God seems at times, I'll never go back. I can promise anyone who sincerely reads the Book of Mormon can have an experience similar to what I had. Its an experience impossible to completely describe with words. It can only be experienced. Because of that experience I had, I (and many, many others) happily proclaim "I'm a Mormon!"

How I live my faith

Living your faith is a lot like training for a marathon. A person who is only half-committed to finishing a 26.2 mile race and only trains when they feel like it probably isn't going to do well. That person might not even finish the race. On the other hand, a committed runner, who trains consistently and wisely, is the runner who will cross the finish line with his or her head held high. The attitude of the committed marathon runner is the attitude I take as I strive to live my faith. I know that God wants me to live a certain way, a way outlined in the New Testament as well the Book of Mormon. He wants me to live by the standards He has set for mankind, day-after-day, no matter what. As I have developed a love of God through scripture study and prayer, my Father in Heaven has helped me to live consistently live His commandments. One way I strive to live my faith is through the way I serve in the church. I serve as a clerk, a person who helps the bishop (the leader of a congregation) with the record keeping. As a clerk, I also have the special opportunity to participate in what's called the "ward council," a group of men and women from the congregation who come together most Sundays to discuss the needs of the individuals in the congregation. Its a special opportunity to be a part of that council, to do what I can to help uplift others, physically and spiritually. I've found that living my faith by striving to live the kind of life God wants me to live, I've become a happier person. God blesses those who keep His commandments with a kind of happiness unmatched by anything the world has to offer. I've come to rely upon that happiness, and I don't want to trade it for any pleasure I could find elsewhere.