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Hi I'm Brian

I am a university professor, a husband and father and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have been teaching at a local university for the last several years. I enjoy teaching and trying to make the world better through my research. I love playing with and spending time with my wife and children. Some of my favorite moments come as I watch my children learn and grow. They say and do the funniest things and it always makes my life better to see them each day when I come home. I love my life. I am the 5th of eight children. Growing up in a big family was intense but I love those memories. Some of my favorite moments were playing whatever sport was in season with my siblings. We had a team wherever we went. I was a missionary for the church in Brazil. I had life-changing experiences and met some incredible people while I was there. I went to college in Utah and then did graduate school in Ohio. While our world has a lot of problems, I am a positive person and have great hope for the future. I love meeting new people--the more I meet I see that there is great good in the world and there are many reasons to be happy.

Why I am a Mormon

Although I was born to Mormon parents and was taught from a young age what Mormon's believe I have had many defining experiences which have caused me to believe for myself that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is Christ's true church on the earth. I have had very powerful spiritual thoughts and feelings that have led me to believe in God and that his truths are found in this church. I remember as a teenager wanting to know if what my parents had taught me was really the truth--I wanted to know for myself. I have a vivid memory of praying in my parents living room one night and feeling an intense warmth and love and clear words in my mind communicating to me that God lives and that he knew me personally. I was overcome with peace and gratitude to feel that assurrance. On another occasion during a church meeting a 13 yr old boy shared his faith about how he knew the gospel of Jesus Christ was restored to the earth in this church. I felt a similar strong peace in my soul on that occasion which strengthened my faith that this is Christ's church. Perhaps one of the most significant reasons why I am a Mormon is the Book of Mormon. I have now read this special book multiple times, have compared it to other scriptures, have tried to live what it teaches and have asked God if it is true. I have felt the same peaceful feeling in my heart over and over and have seen my life improve so much that I know it is of God. I feel closer to God and Jesus Christ each time I read it. I know that Jesus Christ died for me, that he lives today and that he helps me to change my behavior when I make mistakes. I have felt his love and know that he loves all people and will help them find happiness if they will obey him. He is the focus of my life and it is my greatest hope to live with him and my family after I die.

How I live my faith

I love being a member of this church. Each week I have the opportunity to serve the other members of the church. Right now I have the privilege of being a leader in my congregation. After some time of doing this that will change and I will be given a different assignment. I love that in the church everything is done by volunteers, noone gets paid to serve. We do it because we love Jesus Christ and want to obey his commandment to love our neighbor as ourself. I also love that it isn't a heirarchy where you "move up" in the church through vote or popular demand. Just like when Christ called ordinary men to be his apostles, in the church every member is an ordinary person who is asked to serve in many different ways. By everyone being asked to do something different at different points in their lives, all of the members grow and improve. We all learn to give talks, teach lessons and serve each other. I feel that through serving, sometimes in ways that really stretch me, I become more like Jesus Christ and this gives me great satisfaction. Each month I also have the opportunity to visit a couple of families in the ward and try to help them in their lives. I love having the privilege to make a difference in this way. I also have lots of opportunities to practice what I learn each week at church at work, my kid's schools and in my community. Though I am certainly imperfect, I try in all my interactions to treat others with kindness and encourage them to make decisions that will lead them closer to God and Jesus Christ. I know that it is only by following their teachings that people can find the greatest happiness in life.

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

One thing that is unique about how we live is how we "have fun." So much of what is done for fun today can lead to addiction or destroy relationships. God wants us to be happy which is much more than having a good time. A person can only really be deeply happy if they are free, free from things that pull us down (drugs, alcohol, pornography, selfishness etc.) and free to do things that lift us up (having loving relationships, serving others etc.). I have my greatest joys when I am working, serving and playing with my family and people in my community. We can have a great time living without compromising our freedom. Show more Show less