kelsey wade: Mormon.

Hi I'm kelsey wade

About Me

i am in high school and i want to become a USmarine right after high school. i am a runner. i like summers. i have allways wanted to surf. i love to ride horses in the mountains. i read all the time. i like going dirtbiking. i love animals and i love this country.

Why I am a Mormon

im a mormon because i know that this church is true and i have grown up being one my whole life. i have had alot of experience that let me know that this church is true. i also like the environment that i am always in at church. when i have a bad day i can always look forward to young womens and chruch to make me smile because of the great testimonys that we have.

Personal Stories

How has the Holy Ghost helped you?

when my friend and I were driving on a icy road i got this strong feeling that i should put on my seat belt. When i got that feeling i kinda ignored it but then it came back so i put on my seat belt and not even 30seconds went by after i got that feeling, when we rolled the car into a ditch. every sence that day i have always been greatful that i had the Holy Ghost to warn me something bad was going to happen.

How I live my faith

i am the laurals