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Hi I'm Lucrecia Longshore

I know I'm a Daughter of God. I'm a high achiever. I never give up. I'm a perfomer. I'm a hard worker. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up with seven siblings, six of them younger than me! I learned at a very young age to work hard, teach young kids, and take care of a family! I was homeschooled from 1st grade - 7th grade! I was involved in acting, singing and dancing starting at the age of three! I always set high standards and lived them! I was president of my Freshman class, President of National Honors Society, Captain of my Dance team, and top ten in academics in my graduating class! I live by Faith and Follow God's will! I love my family and friends with everything I have! I love to sing and dance and learn new things!

Why I am a Mormon

I am Mormon because I know that Gods' restored gospel in on the earth today...and I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet in these Latter-days who traslated a set of records from our ancestors, which is called The Book of Mormon, under the direction of Jesus Christ! God does not abandon his children nor does he desire for us to be alone. He called a prophet to lead and guide us just like he did in times of Old so that we, his children, could know of his will and bless us by following Him. I have grown up knowing the gospel is true all my life, but that does not mean I am perfect or am more special to God than you are. I make mistakes too and sometimes I have felt alone and have not made the best decision, but I do know that God lives and that through His gospel and His mercy I can be forgiven for even the silliest, smallest, or even biggest thing I have done. He knows we are imperfect and that is why He sent His son Jesus Christ to take upon our sins so that we wouldn't have to have that burden on our shoulders. Jesus Christ has helped me be a better person because I know that I can repent every day and become clean every time I strive to live a better life! I am happier, I am stronger, I can serve him better. I am Mormon because I know that it is the only church that has the fulness of the gospel... all the little pieces put together. I know the Book of Mormon is TRUE! I have read the book many many times and have asked Heavenly Father (God) if it is true and He has answered my prayer. The Book of Mormon is not another Bible but goes hand in hand WITH the Bible; another testament of Jesus Christ. I testify that Jesus Christ is the Head of the Mormon church. The correct title of the Mormon church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It's His gospel, His church. It IS the truth! To find out if it is true, Pray to our Heavenly Father if it is true and I promise you he WILL answer your prayer! :)

How I live my faith

I live my faith everyday by doing the Lord's work; meaning the simple, everyday things. Every chance I get I serve his children, teach his children what He wants them to know, lift their spirits, and testify of God's love for them. I reach out to those who need a friend and I strive to love everyone as best as I can. I do my best to set a good example for my younger siblings and the people that I am around. I love teaching youth, especially the Young Women how they can continue walking in the light of Christ. I love coaching young women's volleyball and encouraging them to be a good teammate, and better their skills. I love teaching children about Jesus Christ and helping them understand what he did for them. I love music and love teaching and singing beautiful and uplifting church music. I am currently serving a full-time mission for the Lord, going out and teaching God's children of his gospel and the love he has for ALL his children. I live my faith by having Faith in the God and KNOW that he loves me. I live my faith by sharing what I know to be true. I live my faith by being positive and have an appreciation for all God has created! I live my faith by having courage to do the things I know to be right even when the world does something else. I have courage to stand on the Lords side no matter what it takes!

How can faith in Jesus Christ influence us in our marriages and family relationships? in our friendships?

Lucrecia Longshore
One of the Greatest and most important commandments that Christ taught was to love one another. He wan't just talking about people ourside your home, He was talking about them as well but most importantly the people who are closest to you: your family. When we are alone, or are not being loved, or have been hurt, we are unhappy and it becomes harder to love those around us. So in a family setting if we are not being loved in our own families or there are unkind words that are being spoken, how can we be happy? We can't. But, once we know that Christ loves us and cares about us it is much easier to love others when we know that WE are loved. The influence of Jesus Christ, knowing that he loves us, can change and perform miracles. When families have that love as Christ did, the family becomes happier. When spouses work together through the love of Christ their relationship grows stronger because they are building each other up. Love is such a common value and when we all feel that love together, we are united. I promise that if you strive to bring the love of Christ into your home, miracles will happen. Everyone wants to be loved, everyone wants to feel that they are important and you know what? They are. Jesus Christ will always love you! You have to let Him into your home and into your relationships and study how to become more like Christ and I promise that you will see a difference in your life because I have seen a difference in mine! :) Show more Show less