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Hi I'm Alex

I'm an aspiring fiction writer, percussionist, milk-drinking enthusiast, and, of course, a Mormon!

About Me

A-mbitious L-inguistically inclined E-ccentric X-ylophones!!! Favorite... State- Oregon--because it's my home, the weather's perfect, and there's no sales tax. School- BYU--because I'm a student there (1 term). Color- Purple--because it is. Hobby- Creative Writing--because stories shape minds. Sport- Volleyball (then soccer)--not because I'm really tall. Animal- Owl (spotted or snowy)--because they're awesome, nocturnal, and smart. Breakfast- Denny's French Toast Slam--because it's magically delicious. Lunch- Outback's Blooming Onion--because it's really unhealthy. Dinner- More breakfast food--because there's no such thing as "breakfast food." Instrument- Marimba (then piano)--because it tickles my soul. Book- The Phantom Tollbooth--because it's so incredibly random. Author- Lemony Snicket--because his writing style has no parallel. Movie- Hercules (then Star Wars)--because it closely allegorizes the Gospel! Musical- Wicked-- because it turned my world upside down. Music- Movie soundtracks--because lyrics limit the imagination. Video Game- Super Smash Bros.--because it never gets old. Scripture- 1 Peter 2:2--because milk is the drink of the gods. Old Testament Story- Solomon--because wisdom only goes so far. New Testament Apostle- Paul--because he proved that man can change. Book of Mormon Prophet- Alma the Elder--because he stood alone. Latter-Day Prophet- Joseph Smith--no explanation needed. Pet Peeve- When someone opens a new milk carton without finishing the old one.

Why I am a Mormon

Once upon a time, there was a spirit child of God named Alex. He chose to accept Christ's plan in the premortal world and, consequently, came to Earth and was received into a wonderful family. Although he was raised LDS, he really had to find out through his own experiences that the Church was true. Alex always believed in the Church, but his testimony did not skyrocket until a fateful Scout Camp at the age of twelve. One auspicious night, they held a testimony meeting around the fire, and a recently-converted friend spoke plainly of how the Church had a spirit not present in any other one. Alex felt the Spirit so potently at that time, and thereafter, he felt inspired to do all he could to follow Christ. He literally began to see God intervening daily in his life and came to be grateful for the experiences his Father in Heaven gave him. It thus followed that Alex came to gain a burning testimony of Jesus Christ's divine sonship and His atoning sacrifice--that through Christ's suffering in the garden and on the cross, he could repent of his mistakes and overcome his weaknesses. In time, he received a confirming witness from the Spirit that Joseph Smith was in reality called as a prophet of God; that The Book of Mormon was a true record translated by divine means; and that this Church was the very same established by Christ himself. Realizing that only by receiving this Gospel could people find eternal bliss, he wasted no time in creating a Mormon.org profile. THE END..?

How I live my faith

How do I live my faith? I live it by putting my life in God's hands every day, always striving to align my will with His. I live it by repenting daily of my shortcomings, trusting Christ's power to forgive them and make me a stronger person in the process. I live it by renewing my baptismal covenant each Sunday at church, remembering what God has promised me, and more particularly, what I need to do to fulfill my end of the bargain. I live it by seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all that I do, confident that through it the Lord will answer my prayers, assuage my discomfitures, bear witness to me of the truth, direct my paths, and refine my soul. I live it by obeying His commandments given to prophets both ancient and modern, knowing that to every law a blessing is attached. I live it by maintaining an eternal perspective of who I am, why I'm here, and where I'm going, rather than wallowing in the moment. I live my faith by serving others through Scouting and youth service projects, volunteering at libraries, and tutoring. By serving the Church in leadership positions, visiting people in their homes to strengthen and uplift them, and offering myself as a pianist in meetings. By constantly striving to expand my knowledge of the Word of God and His Gospel through Sunday School, Seminary, and Institute classes. By devoting a tenth of my life to seeking, teaching, and inviting people to come unto Christ as a missionary in Colorado Springs. That's how I live my faith.