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Hi I'm Mekeli

I''m a twin, I''m a missionary, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a twin. My twin sister Hailey and I were born with a condition called Twin to Twin Transfusioin Syndrome, which means we shared a placenta and umbilical cord. This meant that we were getting uneven amounts of blood. I was getting 2/3rd of the blood and she was getting 1/3. The doctors planned the best time to pull us, and we were born 8 weeks early. Although being born with some serious health issues, and staying in the hospital for several weeks, we are both healthy and currently serving missions. I am serving in South America, speaking spanish, and she is serving in the United States. Before my mission, I was attending school for Kinesiology and working for a physical therapy office as a physical therapy technician.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints because I have come to believe and know it is true. Eventhough I grew up in the church all my life, I didn''t always believe it and have that testimony that it was true. It was a long and difficult process, but I have come to KNOW that it is true through the Holy Ghost. I have had SEVERAL confirmations over the years, to ever deny it. The Lord has blessed me with several witnesses, so that I can know of assurity that His church is on the earth. Throughout the years, my testimony has grown step by step as I have strived to live by His commandments. I have learned to put my trust in God, and he has guided my steps and direction in this life. I know that I can always trust and count on my Heavenly Father, his son Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost to help me throughout this life. I know that they I know that this church is the same church that Christ established while he was on the earth, and was restored by the prophet Joseph Smith. I know that our Savior Lives, and loves us, and directs His church today through a living prophet. I know that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ, and that it contains the word of God, as well as the fullness of the Gospel. I know that with the Book of Mormon and Bible together, we can receive answers to every question in life. I know this, because I have experienced it in my own life- have come to a knowlegde of it for myself by reading the scriptures, praying, keeping the commandments, and putiting my Trust in God. This is why I''m a Mormon,.

How I live my faith

I am currently serving a mission in South America. People ask me all the time, why I decided to go on a mission. The answer is simple - God called me on a mission. It wasn''t something that I planned for my life, but as I was getting ready to start another semester of college, I had the impression several times that I needed to start to prepare and serve a mission. I ignored that impression several times, because I was frightnened to go, and leave my twin sister behind. (At this time, she hadn''t decided to go on a mission yet). But the impressions kept coming, and I couldn''t ingore them any longer. Clearly, that was what the Lord wanted me to do at that moment. I had a testimony that the church is true, and that the Lord guides our steps, and shows us the way to live our lives if we will listen and keep His commandments. After much prayer for peace and assurity that I could serve a mission, I decided to talk to my bishop. My papers were in within 8 days, and 2 weeks after I decided to go on a mission, my call came. I know this is where I''m supposed to be. I know that this gospel is true, and can''t wait to share this message with the rest of the world. I couldn''t imagine a more important thing in my life right now that I could be doing, than my serving the Lord. I love it! I can, and my family can testify (from pictures I have sent home) that I have never been so happy in my life. I am smiling like I have never smiled before, I am confidant like I''ve never been confidant before, and I am learning like I have never learned before. To be set apart as, and have the authority as one of the Lord''s missionaries, and mouthpieces to go teach my brothers and sisters around the world, is a tremendous opportunity. I would never change this experience and moment in my life. I know this is one of the greatest things I can do in this life, and I look forward to serve.