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Hi I'm Preston

I grew up in Utah Valley with my Family. I Love my Savior Jesus Christ, I Love my Family and I Love the out doors. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

As a young man growing up I loved to spend time with my Family. We were a very active family all togeather. We engage in a variety of activies such as snow skiing, hiking, camping, mountain biking, boating water sports and other motor sports. Some of our National Parks/Forest to visit are Zions, Lake Powell, Moab Utah, Yellow Stone, the Uintas and Wasatch Mountains, and then Little Saharah Utah State Park and Utah Lake. I would often take trips up to the Northern Centeral States with my Grandparents to visit their home towns and relatives. My Grandfather is Chippewa Native American of the Matis tribe, so we would often attent various pow-wows, as he was in touch with his Native roots. I enjoyed working on my grandparents small farm where I inpart learned the importnace of hard work. Another place where I learned the value of manual labor was at the age of ten with the help of my parents, I Started a yard care business which has grown ever since. Ever Since I was 4 years old I have loved to play soccer. Although back then all we would do was crowd around the ball or run off the field in the middle of the game to grab a drink or snack. But as I grew and practiced regularly I increased in skill and now whenever I see a soccer ball I can't help but to join in. Above all, my most happy and cherish times has been whenever our family gathers together.

Why I am a Mormon

I have grown up with a belief in Jesus Christ and His Gospel. But I did not truly act up on that belief until I chose to serve a mission for His Church and to preach His Gospel. I did not see a vision or hear a voice to come to this knowledge. Rather through sincere prayer and pondering upon the words of Christ found in the Scriptures. The Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Testimonies of the Living Prophets have helped me to over come the personal problems and common challenges of this mortal experience. "We live to die and we die to live again." said Elder M. Russel Nelson The Prophet Lehi said,"For it must need be that there is an opposition in all things. If not so,... righteousness could not be brought to pass, nether wickedness, neither holiness nor misery, nether good nor bad." 2 Nephi 2:11 I know that Our Heavenly Father loves us infinitely. He sent His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ, a sacrifice for sin, so that we may become like Him and Expreience the Joy that He has if we would but Repent and fallow the examlpe of His Son. Because the Savior was Resurrected we will all be ressurrescted. I Know that the Bible and the Book of Mormon are the Word of God. Together they teach the Fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I knew of the Book of Mormons Divinity before the I did Bible, the truths in the Book of Momon confirm to me the truth of The Bible. I love to read from the Book of Mormon because of it's powerful testimony of Jesus Christ and it teaches simply what we must do to retrun to our Heavenly Home and Become what our Heavenly Father wants us to become. I know Joseph Smith saw all that he said he saw and that through him, The Savior restored the fullness of His Gospel and the Authority to perform the ordinances of salvation their in. The Savior loves us, he loves you and desires your happiness. I know that unlimate happiness in this life and the next is found in the family and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

I am currently serving a Mission in the South western United States. I do not gain any things temporal for this. But I do enjoy teaching the Gospel of Christ to my Brothers and Sisters. I have seen the change that takes place in ones life when they come to a knowlege of the restored Truths. When they fell the Spirit touch their hearts and they understand their divine potential and purpose, it is as if all the cares of this world vanish away and nothing else matters. Understanding that we lifed with God before this life and now our purpose is to sanctify ourselves through Faith in Jesus Christ the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the reception of the Gift of the Holy Ghost