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Hi I'm Mary Ellen

I grew up in central Montana before moving to California, I am a Mormon. Not many Mormons in Montana or people for that matter :)

About Me

I am the granddaughter of immigrants; my fathers people were from Finland, and my my mothers people were from England. I grew up hearing family stories about the Stourbridge in England and Ylistaro in Finland. My family history gave me wonderful memories share with our daughter. My husband had little knowledge of his ancestry so I have opened up my husband's family history so his family and our daughter can learn about the interesting people who they were related to. I learned how to open up stories about the California Gold Rush and seeing the house that an Irish immigrant lived in in the heart of gold country. Our daughter enhanced her math skills finding death dates on headstones. We found people who land with the Massachusetts Colony, Dust Bowl travelers, Civil War veterans on both sides. Sad stories that were not repeated for a hundred years that grew into investigations that brought us relatives that became partners in searching for answers of why our Norwegian ancestors left seven children orphaned. I was thrilled to find my mother in laws southern roots from North Carolina to Texas. All of our family ending now in California. I find strength in our family history. I find strength being a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the Mormon Church, my father joined my mothers church after we moved to a town with a chapel where he could learn about the Mormon church. I had to decide if the Mormon Church was the religion that I could feel in my heart was Christs church. My brain knew that the Mormon principles were logical and everything about the church made perfect sense to me. The Mormon Church took common people and made them better, I could see people need more than direction to serve others and be better than they were I understood that as a teenager. I attended the Mormon Junior College for the first time in my life I was surrounded by Mormons. Some Mormons were great some were not aware of any other world outside of the Mormon world I could see why they knew very little about other cultures when the Mormon culture was so full of purpose and direction. I wanted to know for my self if I could fit in to the Mormon culture, being moral made sense, not doing drugs was not a problem I had seen what drugs and alcohol did to people so I never was tempted to do those things. After reading the Book of Mormon for the first tine I knelt down and prayed to receive a feeling in my heart to know if the Book of Mormon was the word of God. I could not say a long prayer because my heart burned with a good strong feeling. I knew the word of God was true. Later I sat in a sacrament meeting listening to other sand up and say why they knew of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One young man spoke of his life and the low point when he turned back to Christ and he spoke of the burning in his whole soul that it changed his life. My whole soul felt the Spirit of the Holy Ghost telling me that Christ was real and he was the son of our Heavenly Father and that I could follow Jesus Christ by living as a Mormon and following the gospel principals. Mormon culture is more than being from Utah and looking perfect, Mormon culture is all of his children trying to live the scriptures.

How I live my faith

I try to speak for the principles of Christ and his Church. We buried our first child now I know that I have to act now when I can help. The most uplifting thing I can do for my self is to help others find their ancestry I serve in my congregation to others find who there ancestors are. I volunteer at a Family History Center every week we teach people how they can look through records and open up the lives of their kindred dead. I can tell people that by finding their dead they can be able to understand themselves. People cry when they see there ancestors living together as a family in the census records. Helping others to find the place where their family lived in the 19th century lets all of us know that we have an eternal link. I am spiritual feed by seeing families found and honored now. Family researchers share and help others all the time. One person can teach the next person where to find a record or many researchers go out of their way to give other photos of headstones in cemeteries that have are posted for others to find and be able know what happened to the lost relative. I have done that it give us both renewed faith in the joy that comes from doing good. I can tell others that our Heavenly Father loves us and our families. I can tell others that families are an eternal unit. I know that death is not the end of the influence our ancestors have on us. I know that death is not of our lives. Because I am a Mormon I know I will see my ancestors and we will talk and know each other and be a family.

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Mary Ellen
My non Mormon in laws were very impressed by the service members give all the time because we are involved in many serve projects. When they saw Mormon missionaries helping earthquake red cross teams we spoke of all the opportunities that members are given to do good works. My in laws give to many causes so they know the value of doing good. Show more Show less