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Hi I'm Mitchell West

I'm a suburbian from Oregon, and have always been fascinated by medicine. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

What to say? As a regular guy, I enjoy practically anything that will hold my attention--so if you're thinking, "Hmmm, I wonder if he'd be interested in [activity]?" then as long as it's wholesome, you can bet your bottom dollar the answer's probably yes. Is there anything I like to do in specific? Well, I'm a very social person, especially enjoying getting to know people, so if you can come up with an activity that fits that criterion, then it probably falls on the list. I currently have plans to attend Brigham Young University (Provo) for undergraduate studies in the sciences and then for graduate studies in the psychological sciences. And what do I want to do for my life? My main goal is to raise a family, but as a career I'm leaning toward neuroscience or psychology, or somewhere in the general medical field.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised as a Mormon. I know that that's not terribly climactic, but it is the start of why. As for why I've stayed Mormon, though--as remaining in one religion for all of your youth is unusual--I've had personal experiences that have shown me just how right it is. There are examples all over this page, but there are even more yet! The quick and simple reason why I myself am a Mormon is thus: I have come to find the truth and divinity of this Gospel for myself, and have seen nothing but good things come of it--and perhaps there have been some things that seemed bad in the moment, but even those have proved to be good, learnable things in the long-run. Why would I want to abandon all of that?

How I live my faith

What a wonderful thing to be able to talk about! Formerly, I was a full-time missionary for the LDS Church. You may have seen me at your door or on the street (or you may now see other missionaries), but please don't take it the wrong way: LDS missionaries perform said missionary service not as a chore or with such goals as annoying everyone they meet, but rather because they've come to find the truth through the teachings of the LDS Church and through the Bible and the Book of Mormon, and they want for everyone to find the same light and knowledge that they have and to experience the blessings that have come along with it—just one way that I lived my faith for two years. Now that I'm a regular member of this Church, though, there are still ways I live my faith. For one, I search the scriptures for an hour each morning. To search them isn't just to read them, but is to have a question or concern in mind, and to literally search the scriptures for the answer! It's beyond amazing when I find a verse that feels like it's written just for me, or when I have literal revelation while reading, suddenly realizing something that had never occurred to me before. As for the teachings of the church, some say that "Mormons can't do anything," but I've learned otherwise. By following the divine councils of the Church, I've seen nothing but blessings, and can say with full heart that I know they've been given of God. And one more thing: I simply love serving people, even if it's as simple as helping someone up. I mean, that's what Christ would have done, right?

Are Mormons Christians?

Mitchell West
Of course! Perhaps by some definitions--such as those that define Christian as "one who follows the Nicene, Athanasian, etc. Creeds" we are not--but in the traditional and original sense of "followers of Christ," we most certainly are. We accept Christ as our Savior, and we know that he walked the earth and suffered, bled, and died for us, and as such can--and will--liberally apply the term "Christian" to ourselves. Show more Show less

What is being a Mormon like?

Mitchell West
It's awesome! I've already mentioned that I have found nothing but happiness and joy through being a Mormon, but allow me to say it again! If you're thinking that "Mormons are strange" or "Mormons are different," then yes, of course we're different, but isn't everyone? Being Mormon doesn't mean that you're a clone that follows a stringent rule-set--in fact, most Mormons are unique people, and the rule-set isn't really that strict. And ultimately, I wouldn't trade this opportunity for all the riches in the world. Why? Because with riches, I can attain happiness for a period of time, but with this Gospel, I can attain joy for all of eternity. Show more Show less

Do Mormons practice polygamy?

Mitchell West
Nope! The "Mormons" you're thinking of are an entirely different denomination which the LDS Church has no ties with. If you're more so referring to the Saints of the early nineteenth century, then you would be correct--some of them did practice it--but the reasons are not the same that today's polygamists have. Just as Jacob--or Israel--of the Old Testament ultimately took four women to wife for the purpose of building up nations and "preserving seed," a select few early Saints were given divine permission to do the same. However, there is no need for such an act today, and there has not been for over a hundred years, so Saints of today do not practice it, and no one in living remembrance has or did either. Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Mitchell West
Good question! The simple answer is no. We respect and honor him for the part he played in bringing to earth once again the knowledge and power of God, but he was simply an instrument by which that was effected, and as such we do not worship him. Show more Show less

How can I know Mormonism is true?

Mitchell West
Read the Book of Mormon and sincerely pray to know its divinity and truth. ... What? Were you expecting something difficult or ritualistic? Nope. The surest way to come to a knowledge of the truth of Mormonism is by studying the Book of Mormon and then following the promise in Moroni 10:4-5 and praying about it. If you do that, truly desiring to know, and truly willing to follow God's will, he will "manifest the truth of it unto you" through such things as a sure knowledge or overwhelming peace, perhaps to a degree you've never felt before. Show more Show less