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Hi I'm Robbie

I love Hockey, I love going BEAST MODE! I Appreciate Good Humor, And I am Mormon

About Me

Well.. my name is Robbie. I love Sports. Especially Hockey. Favorite team is the Edmonton Oilers. I was born in Cardston alberta Canada. But grew up in South Jordan Utah. I really appreciate Good Humor. I was born into the church and have loved it ever since. I have ups and downs as do all but it was the gospel that strengthened me during the tough times. I am the 4th child out of 6 of us. i like how crazy my family is.. everyone brings something new to the table. I love comedy movies more than anything. I am serving a mission is San Diego California.. No Complaints. ha I love going beast mode. on and off the ice! My favorite book is probs the book of mormon. The only one i actually paid attention to. plus it Changed my life for the better. I love being active. always doing something with my family or friends. I love motocross! its the best feeling being able to hit a big jump and fly for a bit! I also like paying a bunch of other sports. basketball, football.. i just like whatever sports come my way. i love this gospel with my whole soul and i dont regret or question being apart of it at all.

Why I am a Mormon

There are many reasons why i am a mormon. First thing is that its my family away from home! i love being apart of this gospel because the people are outstanding! no matter where you go you will always be able to find help and support and i absolutely love that! I appreciate all the people in this faith that have gotten me to where i am. Another reason why i am mormon is becuase it teaches me the best of the best life values. It helps me stay physically clean, mentally awake and morally straight. I know that there is a lot of sin in the world and through jesus christ we are able to have that strength to stay away from it. He is a fantastic part of my life and i am always learning something new from him each and every day. I will always be able to resist temptation when i carry that spirit of god with me. i may not always be able to, no ones perfect but its through the atonement that i am able to get rid of my sin and feel that everlasting joy! I have a testimony that jesus christ died for everyone. I know that he is the only way to recieve that happiness and joy on this life here on earth. He needs to be apart of everyones lives and when we humble oursleves and come unto him, we will be able to perform so many marvelous works and be able to be apart of so many mircales! The most important reason i am a mormon is because i have felt that witness that this church is true. I read and i prayed so sincerely with real intent and i felt the presence of my heavenly father! Its so real

How I live my faith

Right now how i am living my faith, that i mentioned earlier. Is that i am now having the opportunity to be serving a mission! A mission is where i go out with a companion and i get to teach people about this wonderful gospel and the blessings it has for them! I am so highly grateful for this opportunity to serve my Heavenly Father after all he has given me! even though i may have really hard times out here i Still feel so so blessed for the opportunity to help people have a change of heart and be able to come unto christ! Missionaries are one of the great way god is able to work. Back home i would home teach with my dad. that was a wonderful learning experince for the mission to be able to go teach and share the holy ghost with other people around me! Back home i always loved being involved with the dances and all these fun activites the young men put on and being able to spend time with younger guys my age and just be able to connect with other people. I loved going to church to be able to just have a good time being able to talk and associate with all the members and to feel the wonderful spirit they bring with them everywhere they go! Again i am so grateful for this wonderful gospel and the great life values it teaches! I try my best to follow the perfect example of jesus christ and try to spread love to others. I love my family, they were the best tender mercy fromt he lord. Heavenly father looks out for us so much and is always taking care of us if we just have faith!

What is being a Mormon like?

Being a Mormon is a pretty sweet experience. Being apart of the church i have found eternal refuge from the world. The church has truly given me hope during the hardest of time and opened my eyes to greater possibilities. As i have been born and raised in this gospel i have come to the knowledge that they are great people that truly care about you. The organization of it all is great. it encourages youth to go out and help more youth there own age, which i think is very Christ like. It truly is a big family that loves and cares for one another. Sure no one is perfect but we believe having a perfect gospel in the center of your life will help you become as our Savior. I have only seen great and Delicious fruits that have come from the Mormon faith. No matter who you are.. as you have Christ at the center of your life you will enjoy this Faith. You will truly feel apart of something more! Show more Show less