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Hi I'm Lana Carol Wells

I'm a Mormon. My life is so full and happy, even though I am almost 70 years old.a convert of 38 years and not regretting a day.

About Me

I am a convert and the only member of my family that is a Mormon. My father was military and had a working mom and 4 siblings. My parents were heavy drinkers and life could get real interesting sometimes. I feared that when I made my decision to get baptized into the Mormon faith, that my family might disown me but not too much was said. I think they thought that this would be a passing fancy and soon would go away. How wrong they were. My new church and it's beliefs were everything I had ever hoped for. I had been raised a Methodist and went to church as often as my parents took me or dropped me off at one. I loved God and His Son, Jesus Christ so when I became a Mormon and took my first sacrament (Methodists called it Communion) I was thrilled to say the sacrament words in my mind and heart. It began, "O God, the Eternal Father, we ask thee in the name of thy Son, Jesus Christ, to bless and sanctify this bread to the souls of all those who partake of it, that they may eat in remembrance of the body of thy Son, and witness unto thee, O God, the Eternal Father, that they are willing to take upon them the name of they Son, and always remember Him and keep his commandments which he has given them; that they may always have his Spirit to be with them. Amen." Blessing the water as Jesus blood was much the same. Oh how I loved those words, then as now. My church has brought me so much happiness and a constant desire to be a much better person. I wish the same for everyone.

Why I am a Mormon

When friends ask me why I chose to join the Mormon faith I think I always give a different answer because there are so many reasons. The Bishop, and we get a new one every 4/5 years or so, is always a caring, loving, hard working man that prays constantly for guidance that he might direct his flock and guide them in a manner that is pleasing unto Heavenly Father. My fellow Brothers and Sisters, we called each other that because we truly are all children of our Father in Heaven, are all so different and diverse and yet just like me. Church is a way of life, not just an hour on Sunday. When I first joined the church, I said, "what, 3 hours every Sunday?", but right away I realized that those 3 hours would be the most important 3 hours of my life. I was edified by the Spirit that prevailed there, my children were taught from the Bible and the Book of Mormon, they had two hours every Sunday that they sang wonderful songs, like Jesus Loves Me and I hope they send me on a mission. I know every Brother and Sister by name and so does the Bishop. During the week we have a ladies get together to learn about a miriade of things. Cooking, sewing, child rearing, how to be a better wife and mother, the classes are endless. Everything in the church is done without a nickle or a dime exchanging hands. The Bishop works tirelessly for 30/40 hours a week for zero pay and then works at his profession of engineer, dentist, IT programmer, on and on, their professions are as numerous as the sands in the sea in order that he might provide for his family. We have dances several times a year for singles not yet married, us old married couples or even the youth. Our week is spent practicing our faith. We often have to hit our knees and ask for the energy to do all that is required of us by our Father in Heaven, and He always is there for us. We know without a doubt that He loves each of us individually. Why am I a Mormon, I wish I had room for 2000 more words to tell you.

How I live my faith

I have been a member of the Mormon church for 39 years and for those 39 years the callings that the Lord has seen fit to call me to have been amazing. For instance, I never directed a song, not even Happy Birthday and one day the Bishop called me to be the Primary (children 3-11) chorister. Who me? Before I knew it every week for parts of two hours I stood in front of very spiritually smart children and taught them wonderful songs that they would be singing to themselves or their children yet to be born. Oh how I loved that calling. All too soon, the Bishop was inspired to call me to work with the teen-age girls. Who me? I had sons, what did I know of girls. But because I was always guided by Heavenly Father through prayer, I came to know and love dozens of young ladies that I watched struggle and triumph with their teen years. After years of that calling and others, I had grown old. Was Heavenly Father finished with me? Not in the least. My husband Richard and I after 43 years of marriage (he a member for 38 of them) were called to be Service Missionaries. Some senior missionaries leave their homes and travel the world for 2 years, helping people of all nations. Not just proselyting but really helping people live from day to day. My husband and I would stay in our home and for two years we would help people right from our living room to find employment. We were to work with the mentally and physically handicapped, the unemployable, the under-employed of our area to find meaningful employment that would not only feed them and their families but to remind them that no matter what, Heavenly Father had not forgotten them. He loves them and wants the best for them. When a person looses their employment they often lose their faith, their self esteem. We are there for them. Do we live our faith, you bet we do, every single day. It's what the Lord would have us do. When I return to Him, I want Him to say, "Job Well Done."

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

Lana Carol Wells
How can we know our Father in Heaven? How do we come to know a neighbor, a new found cousin, the person we want to marry? We talk with him a lot, we learn as much as we can about them. In the case of our Father in Heaven, we read the scriptures again and again until we feel we really do know the true nature of God. Who is He, what did he do for us, who are His children and His only begotten son? Then we communicate. Every day, as often as we think of Him, we pray to Him. We have real conversations. We tell Him our most private thoughts and needs. Then we listen, and if we listen very carefully, we will hear His still small voice. He will give us the strength we need to be able to bear up under our burdens, because we will know that he is there, He is watching and always listening for another prayer to begin. We always take care to thank Him for the blessings He sends our way and we always ask forgiveness for the foolish things we say and do daily. Then one day when we are talking with our Father in Heaven, we realize we know this man. We know He loves us and wants nothing more than for us to live our lives in such a way that we will be able to return and live with Him and His Son, Jesus Christ, for all eternity. Show more Show less