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Hi I'm Connor Weston

I'm 19, I'm a sports junky, I guess have an accent, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am Connor I was born of goodly parents, I am currently serving a mission in Orlando, Florida. I was born in Utah I love playing the ukulele, long boarding and talking. I talk with anyone and everyone! I also love sports or really anything outside I mainly play baseball, football, and basketball but I will play just about anything. My favorite sport is baseball and I am gonna be playing college baseball next season. I am a part of a family of five I am the youngest of two sisters. Trucks are where it's at!!! Mainly, Diesel Power... Duramax, Power Stroke and Dodge Cummins... If you got one your doin' somethin' right. If you wanna have a dance off bring your "A" game! Music is the best, I listen to it pretty much all day. It helps me get through the day, along with those stressful times in my life. My favorite thing to do other then sports is to just hang out with my friends around a fire and reminisce on the good times we have had. People say im a bro and sound like a surfer but Utah is my native turf.... when your around me you can count on laughing!!!! there isn't a dull moment. Trust me!!! LIfe is to short to have them so I make it fun!!! #DBFL

Why I am a Mormon

I am a mormon because i choose to be one. Every one tries to tell me that i grew up being a mormon and i dont know anybetter and my parents forced me to be. But that isnt the case i really took it upon myself to find out if this was the true church and if this is something i wanted to keep persuing in life. When i was 16 or 17 I wasn't all that into the church and i did my own thing. I thought i could do everything by myself. But when i turned 18 things changed and I started to notice those things i did in the past and noticed they were not the smartest decisions i should of made. I also noticed that life was alot harder when I didn't have the Lord in my life. So when i was 18 i took the challenge upon myself to bring the Lord back into my life and asked him what he wants me to do. I noticed the more and more I started to read the Book of Mormon and praying, my life started to change and I started to become much happier, and life was better. It was the moment that I turned to Lord and asked if these things are true that I started to see those changes. The gospel really has changed every aspect of my life. It is amazing what the Lord can do. Heavenly Father want the best for us and loves us so much so he will help us in anyway he can. The first thing we have to do is turn to him and ask him and trust him.

How I live my faith

I live my faith in many different ways. One of my favorite ways to live my faith is through service. Helping those around you always makes me feel good nothing bad ever comes from serving. I try to help out in the community as much as i can i am an eagle scout and it was a great decision I made. Some other ways I live my faith is through doing the daily things the Lord has asked us to do like read, pray, go to church, love those around you. I have seen by doing these things my life has been filled with happiness and love.The Lord has really bless me its amazing. I believe another way to live my faith is through being an example, the things you do and the way you act impacts everyone your around.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Connor Weston
Every thing around me tells me there is a God!! I mean look at how complex the world is. There is no way anything other than God could have created it. Also a major evidence that there is a God is the Book of Mormon it is like a letter from God telling me how i need to live my life and what I need to do so I can return to his live in his presence again. The Book of Mormon is just one of many things that he has given me to let me know he is there. Show more Show less

What will the Mormon missionaries talk about when they visit my home?

Connor Weston
The Missionaries will come to your home and share a very unique message about Jesus Christ and his atonmetn and how he has given us things today that can bless our lives. They will come in and be guides to help you do those things that will qualify you to live with God again. They wont come in and convice you to do it they will come and give you the tools to help you konw what you need to do to return and live with God. The missionaires will answer any life question you have and give you a book (The Book of Mormon) that can answer any question you have and can help you in every part of you life and only bring you closer to God. Its a beautiful thing. Show more Show less

How can I know Mormonism is true?

Connor Weston
Simple as reading and praying. It goes like this you pray to ask God a question and then you read to hear his answers and then you feel for the Holy Gholst to give you feeling so you know its true! all you gotta do is ask! Show more Show less