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Hi I'm Scott

and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born and raised in Orem Utah. I am happily married to the woman of my dreams and am so grateful for her and the role that she plays in my life daily! We are so excited to start our family together. I have two older brothers and one older sister, I am the youngest. I love football, training is one of my favorite things to do for any reason, whether it be for a sport or just to work out, I work out. I am preparing to play collegiate football at a major university and major in Exercise Physiology with a minor in Psychology. I love rugby, longboarding, snowboarding, swimming, and basically any type of sport! I'm passionate about everything that I do, and I love my life!

Why I am a Mormon

Born and raised in the Church but was never actively engaged in the Church until I was about 17, and even at that time, I was hardly "all in". I never fully invested my time in what my parents had tried to teach me through out my entire life. I never cared to know for sure. I just wanted to have fun and do my own things. Happiness was never the result of those things though. I knew that there was something missing inside of my life and was blind to the fact that it was, in reality, The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Something that was right in front of me for such a long time that I had simply put off because in my head it was "just church." Between the ages 15-17 I really began to wonder what was missing. Why was I not happy? Why was nothing ever enough? Why did everything feel so empty at the end of the day? Questions that were continually eating me up night and day. Until one morning I woke up and just started crying. Over all of the things that had happened in my life up to that point. Why did everything seem to go wrong? I finally decided to take the time for myself to read the Book of Mormon, and the parts of the Bible. To attend Church, and to learn for myself. Well, to feel for myself, what the Gospel had to offer. I attended seminary again and worked hard to know. I could not deny my feelings. The feelings of peace, joy, and happiness were overwhelming. Since then, I am now, all in! I love this Gospel with all of my heart and I know without a doubt that it is true.

How I live my faith

Well I am 21 years old and married! I have loved every second of it! Most people especially in our society today do not believe that that is the right decision. That I should have waited to marry and prepare more. Get my feet under myself earn money etc... Well that is not what I believe and I know that our prophets have directed otherwise. Our Heavenly Fathers first commandment to Adam and Eve was to Multiply and Replenish the earth. We are meant to marry and begin our families and I fully heartedly believe that whatever the Lord commands us to do, he will provide a way for us to accomplish that exact thing. He will never leave us. I start off my day by offering a prayer to thank my Heavenly Father for all that he has blessed me with. My beautiful wife, being able to prepare to play football, my job, my family etc... I work to offer my gratitude through out the day. I strive to follow the commandments as taught in the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon! Something major that I have learned is that Faith is a daily endeavor to attain. A witness of our Faith only comes through taking initiative and acting. To build our Faith means to continually and consistently put our trust in God, following with action. There are so many things that we can do each day to live our Faith but I strive to do it simply by example.

In whom should we have faith?

We have Faith in Jesus Christ. Believing that He is. That He lived, and died for You and for Me, and was ressurected. It's a conviction, that because of Jesus Christ, and what He did, that life can be made whole. No matter what we have done, where we have been, who we have harmed, that Jesus Christ provides a way for us to be Saved! We have Faith because that is the first principle of the Gospel. It is the first thing that Jesus Christ himself taught the people to have. Before He would perform any of the many miracles which He did, He would ask them if they believed. It was after they said "Yea, I believe" that Jesus Christ would cause the miracle to happen. Because they first trusted! Once we really take the time to think about what Faith is, we will learn. It is more than just positive thinking, or being spontaneous about the future. It is deeper than that. It is believing that we can receive all of the blessings which our Heavenly Father promises us. That, because of the life of Jesus Christ, ours can be made glorious. We were meant to be happy in this life time. There are so many things in the world that make us all unhappy. No matter what it is that causes unhappiness for you within your life.. This Gospel was meant to help. Jesus Christ is the way, take the time, because it's worth it. I have Faith in Jesus Christ. I am happy. Are you? Show more Show less