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Hi I'm Cade-Da

I love sports, I'm a Ridge Runner, you can call me British, i dont have a number so email me maybe?! :) and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

For those who dont know me im kind of a big deal! my last name, Ever, first name Greatest! no ha but two words, DollaBills! I represent when you will elect me as the 111th President! I live for my music! And cant wait for the day to see all of my buddies again!! In which we are all on missions! thats whats up! I live in the hood of the great OC, Oak City, Utah, downtown to be exact ;) i em, wezzy, na uh your cheesy, im in the british ilses teaching the gopsel baby! I wrestled (430, How long have you been on the raft?!), played american football, and "football", as they call it in England. I'm lovin the mish! Every second, i have alot of great examples that are in, Ohio, Canada, Wisconsin, Washington, Africa, Arizona, Alaska, Nebraska, Mexico, and one soon to Montana! Represent my homies! and i have an AWESOME, LOVING, very supportive family back home! And i love and miss them do DEATH!! Then i love them to the world to come! :) WoooHooo!.....I'm also on a mission in England Manchester!.....Hey im on a mission, this is crazy, i dont have a number, email me maybe?! :)

Why I am a Mormon

Why I'm a Mormon? Well i was born into the gospel, i had no choice. But I'm glad that i was born into this church because it is the true church here on earth today. But i had to come to find that out for myself, you see, i have made some choices in my life that caused me to go down a dark road and it made me miserable, almost lost friends because of it, i was lost for a very long time. But i decided to put my trust back in God, so i did and i came to see the great power of the Atonement! And also the power of Repentence, without these two gifts from God, man would not progress in life to reach Eternal Life! Without the atonement and obiedence to the gospel of Jesus Christ, man would not be saved. I've kept my nose clean after these descions and my word, the happiness i have in my life is incredible! Yeah going out drinking to get drunk and all those worldly things brings the physical happiness, if you want to feel True Happiness, listen to the LDS missionaries, they will show you. And then you can come to know for yourself if this church is true.

How I live my faith

How i'm living my Faith? Well i didn't use to live my faith, when i reached the age to actually make choices for myself, so like early teenage years. I started to just go through the motions of going to church and going to just make my parents happy, and to keep others knowing that i was a good little boy. But eventually just going through the motions made me start choosing these big time life changing descions in my high school years. These chocies made me lose my faith in everything, i seperated myself from God, and i was eventually lost, so i continued down that road cause i thought there was no way back....well guess what....there is a way back and will always be a way back! Gods hand will always be stretched forth for those that are willing to come back into his fold and are willing to change there lives for the better, it will always be there! Well i thought i would try to get my faith back and it was the most amazing thing, getting to know God again. The happiness i have in my life now is incredible, knowing God and feeling of his love and keeping his commandments and having a family is true joy and happiness!

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

We can come to know him through the power of Prayer! Prayer is essential and possibly the first step to know your Heavenly Father. Through faithful prayers and ready to recieve, you can know that God is there. By living the way you should is another step, going by what Jesus taught and did, you can see blessings in your life that you won't be able to deny that comes from Heavenly Father. Studying his holy words, the Bible and the Book Of Mormon, are ways to know also. Show more Show less