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Hi I'm Michelle Corbin

I'm a Mormon. I grew up in Southern California and now live in Utah, USA. My husband, 5 children and I all love being "Mormon's"!

About Me

I love being a mother, most of all. My husband is a fun father who always encourages our 4 teenagers and 21 year old to get a good education and to do what's right. We both know that if we do what God, our Heavenly Father wants us to, that we will be helped along our path back to Him. That He will make our burdens feel light, and our joy- full! We have truly seen that in our lives and know it to be truth. When our family provider lost his job 10 years ago, after several months of living on savings and doing odd jobs, we were forced to sell and leave our 4,200 sq. ft., custom built, family dream home. At the same time our 6th baby (boy) was born stillborn, our car (that was paid off) was completely totalled due to a deer "landing on top of it", our 2 year old lost her hearing in both ears and according to specialists, "would possibly be deaf permanently", and more. With the help of people in our church, neighbors and family, we were able to keep our spirits up and trust in the Lord. He helped us through that time and continues to help us even today. With His help, my husband has just received his 3rd degree (2 Associates and 1 Bachelors) and is beginning a new career at age 46. Our 2 year old is now 13 and hears fabulously well. We know that we will see our son again and that he will be part of our family forever. We continue to dedicate our time every morning to showing gratitude to Him for our many blessings. We know that He lives and is there for all of His children.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents introduced the gospel of Jesus Christ to me. When I was baptismal age (8 years), my parents were distracted by our new home and all of the yard work that needed to be done during the only time they had available since they both worked full time during the week. Weekends were filled with getting our home finished. My little brother and I would ride with members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to our meetings, and my parents never objected. Because I was old enough to be baptized, I explained my desire to be baptized by my father to my church leaders and dad. He knew that in order to baptize me dad had to start becoming active in church himself, again. He did that! And then, I was baptized. I love the memory of that day, and the joy of my dad being the one who chose to change his ways to be able to perform that. He and mom are still very active at church and help teach the 8 year old children- helping them be ready for baptism!

How I live my faith

For work, I teach reading to beginners, intermediate, advanced and struggling readers. I am a reading specialist and get to work from my own home. I chose this career so that I could be at home with my children while still providing the needed financial support for our family. It has been such a blessing! It is so rewarding to see a child struggling with reading (which turns into a child struggling with school, which turns into struggling with teacher, self confidence, many subjects and more...YIKES!) learn skills and habits that help them out of that dark hole and into the light of confidence and success! I know that I receive inspiration from God on how to teach each individual child in their own special way that leads them to success. I love it so much that I have created my own reading program that includes workbooks, games, flashcards, word strips and even a music CD. I train other teachers to use it and tutor students successfully too. Such a rewarding way to serve in the community! I love working with the youth at church! I am in a group of leaders over the young girls in our community, ages 12-18. They are so fun to work with and it teaches me so much about myself and relationships with others. Especially how to love unconditionally. I am so grateful that I am given the opportunity to serve in ways that help me to learn and grow beyond my current skills and abilities. I have always enjoyed serving. It helps me to forget about my own personal struggles and problems. I always feel so good when I allow myself to focus on others before myself. Sometimes it's hard to get myself "there", but once I'm there and in to the service, I feel completely lifted up and almost unaware of my sorrows. Service has been a life saver to me, many times! I know that Jesus Christ was the Master of Service. I am trying to be like Him. My little acts of service allow me a small opportunity to feel of His greatness.

What are Mormon Temples used for?

Michelle Corbin
The temples are used for many purposes, but the one that I am so happy about at this time in my life is the power to bind families forever. Because we have had many miscarriages and a stillborn son, it gives me peace to know that if I live my life in good ways here on earth, that I will see and have my children who would have been mine here, in the eternities. Going to the temple often helps me to feel the love of my beloved grandmother who has passed away too. As well as other family members whom I love and miss. I know that the temple is the closest place I can go to Heaven here on Earth. Show more Show less