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Hi I'm Chris Wright

I'm a bow huntin, hot roddin, 4 wheelin, baseball lovin, proud to be an American, 21 year old. I'm a Mormon!

About Me

Wow! I didn't think anyone would ever want to know about me but I guess I will give it a shot. My name is Chris and I have lots of passions. One of my passions is cars. I think this is because I never really grew up toys just got bigger and more expensive. I feel like working on cars is a way that I can still be kid and take something apart and hope I can put it back to gether. Some people ask me what my favorite car is and I say Chevy! Haha Another one of my passions is Hunting. I lived in Mississippi for nine years and by default I ended up being an outdoorsman. There is nothing else to do there... I just love being in the woods! I have never felt more at peace than at 5:30 a.m. sitting about 25 feet in the air overlooking a corn field. It gives me the chills just thinking about it! I am not that different than any other 21 year old really. I enjoy exercise, hanging out with friends, concerts in the summer, backyard football, going to the movies, fast cars, and good company. One thing that does set me apart is my love for my family. I couldn't live without Momma or my older brother, they mean the world to me. There aren't a whole lot of people in my family but I like it that way. I love having fun! There are so so so many ways to have fun in life and I am willing to try just about anything. Life is too short to complain or sit around and do nothing.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon? Well I was born that way. Haha I was raised in the LDS church and saw the good that came of it my whole life. I saw the way it brought our family together, it taught me good principles, and gave me a knowlege of who my Savior is. There are probably thousands of different people in different churches that could say the same thing, but those simple facts do not explain why I decided on my own to stay and or follow the teaching of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Like I said I was raised as a member of this church but honestly that meant nothing to me when it came time to decide for myself. When I was sixteen my best friend and father passed away suddenly. We were inseparable at the time and honestly it was a worst nightmare come true. I was then left with really big decisions to make in my life. There was a lot of pain and confusion and even at times hate in my heart for what had happened so I needed to channel that somewhere. I had two ways that I could turn; to the world or to God. We all know what escapes the world has to offer; alcohol, drugs, immorality, etc. You better believe that was appealing to a 16 year old now starving for attention but I always knew in my heart that I had a Heavenly Father, God. So over the next few years I turned to him. It took something really tragic in my life to realized how close God really is to us and how much he really cares. I feel like in that time in my life a developed a strong relationship with Him. I could tell Him or ask him anything! By building this relationship I was able to find out that this church was true beyond belief! When I was around 18 is when I realized that this is the Lords church here on the earth! I prayed to God for specific things. I would ask Him if Joseph Smith was really a prophet? Is the Book of Mormon true? Is there really a prophet on the earth today? Time and time again asnsers would come... God Answers! All we have to do is GET TO KNOW Him and ASK!

How I live my faith

I live my faith the same way that Christ did. I am no where near perfect but I try. I love helping people in need. I love bringing a smile to someone. I live my faith through doing the things that God has asked us to do, keep His commandments. People think that by being Mormon we are limited by all of these rules and you will get in trouble if you break them. To those individuals I say, "Try It." I have never felt more free in my life! There is freedom in abstinance it just takes a little self control and discipline. I really live a normal Christian life as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints but there are a few things that make me different. I unlike any other Christian faith have made very sacred covenants/promises before God that I will behave and follow His will while here on the earth. This is what comes first in my life. It doesn't matter what others think or what the world things what matters is that I have made a Sacred Covenant with God. Every week I go to church to remember that covenant and think about how I can become better. When I do that he promises blessings and the cycle continues. Mormons are pecular people! Haha In a world where nothing is sacred anymore I stand firm that families, God, Jesus Christ our Savior, personal revalation with Heavenly Father, Scriptures, Prayer are all Sacred and very much a part of my life. I live my faith in Jesus Christ by having fun! I show my love for Him by keeping simple commandments and serving others. I know this church is true so I share it with others! If you are looking for a better quality of life and more joy; try it! It has worked for me and many many others that I know and love.