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Hi I'm Brett Starks

I'm a martial arts school owner. I've been lost. I've been found. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm an adventurer... I love going out and exploring the world and all the beauty of nature and wildlife that the Lord's hands have created. I am scared of people, and am therefore not as comfortable in social situations as I am out in nature... that being said I do enjoy meeting new people and building a better communion with my brothers and sisters of the world. I am a martial artist... one of my dreams is to travel around, by foot, training, exploring, helping others and testifying of the Gospel. That combines almost all of my passions into a constant flow of adventuring. I've always wanted to help save the world... to change it for the better. Through missionary work, that is, spreading the word of God by not just voice, but by living His teachings and commandments, my ultimate dream can be realized. Although I do have a hero complex, I know my desires for service don't rest on feeling better about myself, but helping others to truly feel happy in whatever big or small way I can. Nothing feels better than seeing someone's burden become lighter, sometimes to the point you can physically see a difference! I'm single, the middle child of three, and the sole member of the LDS church in my immediate family. And that's okay!

Why I am a Mormon

I've always known God exists, that Christ had died for our salvation... but I didn't know if there was a right church, or why things didn't feel right when I tried to believe like others did. I had gone to many different churches; been many different denominations of Christian... when I joined the LDS church I was very unsure of what to believe. Certain things made a lot more sense, such as the plan of salvation and the clarifications of what we can expect in the next life... And yet I still was uncertain. I was always raised that the Book of Mormon was a lie. It's weird to say, but I wasn't ready to accept if the Book of Mormon was true, even if I believed the church was true. Regardless, it felt right to be baptized and to officially join the church. In October of 2002 I was baptized and confirmed a member of the LDS Church. I tried to serve diligently and keep the commandments... pray fervently, fulfill callings, read scriptures... whenever I would read, though, I would always hesitate to read the Book of Mormon. I would stick with the Bible for I knew without a doubt of its truth. It stayed that way for many years, me knowing the church was true, yet only half believing; half willing to fully accept it as true. I would pray every once in a while to know for absolutely certain about the Book of Mormon, just as I had about the bible... yet I would stay cautious until I knew for certain. I would active and inactive, honestly depending on who I was dating at the time. It was only until a very bad breakup I truly decided to take a long, hard look at what I believed about everything... including the church. So for a solid few weeks I would diligently read the Book of Mormon, truly pray about it, ignoring small promptings in hopes of something more concrete. Well one night, right after praying for an answer, I read a scripture basically saying, 'Why question what you know is true? Stop doubting and do the work you're required to do.' I laughed and I understood.

How I live my faith

Continuing from what I was saying above, the whole reason I had a hard time believing in the Book of Mormon was because I wasn't willing to be completely faithful, to trust that what I should know to be true IS true. After I decided to just have faith and completely trust in the Lord and the Book of Mormon, there wasn't a light that clicked on and made my testimony as solid as a rock. For a few weeks I would constantly be tested with doubts and uncertain feelings... what I had to do was remind myself that I was trusting in the Lord, that I would believe the Book of Mormon is as much His word as the Old and New Testament; that Joseph Smith was indeed a prophet. It was a process. And that's how I feel a lot of our strength comes from. Normally it isn't an instant change like leveling up in a game. It is how we act on those hard experiences and choices in life... how we live with our decisions that helps us to grow and build better testimonies. That is how I live my faith; not for one fleeting moment, but constantly progressing towards being worthy of God's work. One thing I've found that really helps move God's work and service along.... is being social. That one is tough for me, haha! I'm perfectly happy spending all my time talking to plants and animals... but that's not the point of our work! I can't be a good servant of the Lord and effectively show others I care if the only time I'm willing to be around them is when I'm trying to perform a service for them! I've been working on being more sociable at church, getting to know people and making friends. As it turns out, it's not so scary after all. For anyone else socially awkward or afraid of interaction, believe me, I feel you. Do your best to open up, even if just a little. A smile and some eye contact is sometimes all it takes. It makes going to church, and any service, infinitely more enjoyable when you don't feel alone. Remember that you're not alone! They want to be your friend! I want to be your friend!

Who chooses the Mormon prophet?

Brett Starks
The LDS Church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. As such, it only seems right that the one who would choose the President and Living Prophet of the church would be the Head and namesake of the church: Jesus Christ. Through prayer and revelation are church leaders called from the most worthy and capable of men in the church. Show more Show less

Why don’t Mormons have paid clergy?

Brett Starks
Every member of the LDS church is a missionary; every person has something they can contribute. To be paid monetarily for acts of service the Lord asks of us would be risking changing the priority of why we do His will. We serve to spread His joy and love to all corners of the earth, not to be paid. Money is so much better utilized going to the poor and needy. All money that goes to the church goes to helping spread the gospel of Christ's church and helping others who may have hardships in their lives. Show more Show less