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Hi I'm Roger

I grew up in East Tennessee, joined the army, met my future wife Claire. We have 7 children & 22 grandchildren. We're Mormons.

About Me

My wife and I are retired. We share interests in books, movies, photography and travel. Knowing why we are here on this earth and where we came from and where we strive to go after death, gives real meaning to our lives. Being members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints since 1967 has strengthened our marriage, helped us raise our big family and got us through the trials of this life. We are celebrating our 50th wedding this year and the children are coming to Daytona Beach to be with us from all over... Alaska, Colorado, Utah, Tennessee, Florida and maybe Texas. Being members of our church is like being part of a big family, each doing his or her part in the activities and organizations of our local ward(congregation). There are always activities going on for families and singles that encourage getting to know one another and having fun. This has been the church environment we raised our family in and it has been a great blessing to our family.

Why I am a Mormon

I met my future wife while I was attending Army training school in Ft. Devens and she was stationed there as well. We both were participating in an Army talent contest. She was singing and I was doing a comedy act. I won the contest and she congratulated me and she told me later that she kinda got an electric shock when she shook my hand. Sure enough from that meeting we were married and soon after we starting adding children to our marriage. After 3 years of Army duty we moved to between Washington and Baltimore to be near my job. It was there that we met the missionaries and learned about the doctrines of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the restoration of these principles to the earth in our own day and time. I came from a protestant baptist background and my wife a catholic. What really made the big difference for us was that we gained a testimony of its truthfulness after reading the Book of Mormon ( another testimony of Jesus Christ written by prophets about 600 BC to 400 AD) and listening to the missionary discussions and studying the scriptures. After receiving a testimony from God to the restoration of the Gospel we agreed to be baptized. Not long after we traveled to Ogden, Utah to have our marriage be sealed "for all eternity" in one of the church's temples that are located in over 130 locations all over the world. During that sealing by one having priesthood authority, our two children were also sealed to our family for all eternity to us. That experience was a life changing experience. There we entered into covenants with the God to keep the commandments and to live up to church standards. We have lived our lives according to these principles since becoming members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

How I live my faith

All our local churches are all over the world, for this is a world-wide church, and are organized and run without any paid ministry. The head of each congregation is a Bishop and he and other church members are called by priesthood authority and revelation to their individual duties. I have always been active in church and have had many callings over the past 45 years i.e., Young Married leaders, home teachers, sunday school teacher, children primary teacher, priesthood class instructor, leadership positions as counselors in Bishoprics, Sunday school and church canneries and farms which provide for assistance to those in need. We have helped organize events in the church. Once I was called as the Boy Scout Leader for our church troop. Our church has adopted the Boy Scouts as one of the youth programs they can participate in and enjoy. We have pot luck dinners and appropriate dances and basketball sports in our cultural halls in our church buildings. Currently my wife and I are called as Family History Consultants to work in the FHC library in our building. Here we help other members participate in genealogy research which is encouraged by the Church. In short I suppose it could be called "working out our own salvation" by participation and keeping the commandments of Jesus Christ.

Does The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints endorse political parties?

Since Mitt Romney, who is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (nicknamed Mormon)...is running for the President of the United States this year, I have had several people that know that I also am a church member, ask me how I felt about Mitt Romney, and how would his being a "mormon" affect his presidency. Well, I can say this...the effect of living the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ within the church will make him a great president. If you care about having someone who is honest with his fellowman and has integrity. Someone who has a solid family life with their support and someone that has the business background necessary to get the economy of this country back on track. Someone who has been a church leader and business leader and knows how to motivate and run an organization to accomplish whats needed to maintain a national budget without taxing the people more than necessary. Since I know the standards within the church that Mitt Romney and his family has lived by all these years then I would say that it would be very to difficult to find a better candidate with any higher moral standards. Show more Show less

Are Mormons Christians?

I have always been astounded by those that will believe gossip, rumors and even outright falsehoods without checking out the facts from those who know the truth. I once ran a mobile home dealership and my secretary came in one day and (she knew that I was a "mormon") said that someone told her that our church was part of that jim jones cult that committed suicide in Guyana a long time age. Is that true, she asked? At least I was glad she didn't believe that falsehood and she had the nerve to ask me. Of course, I told her "no", that our church was never associated with that organization. I think that because she knew that I lived church standards that she did not believe it, but wanted to ask anyway. Yes, we are Christians. The name of our church was revealed by God himself to be organized in these last days as...The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints...That Latter-Day Saints part to distinguish it from the original church name in Chirst's day. In fact in the New Testament he says if the church be of any other name then how can it be Jesus Christ's church? Show more Show less