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Hi I'm Jhon Cabrera

I'm young, I'm a fighter, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a only child but I was not spoiled at all. I came to the United States when I was only 6 years old it was just me and my dad, my mom passed away when I was 2 so all my life it's just me and my dad. I was raised in the ghetto where crime always happen. There was never any peace in my life and I basically raised myself. I had to learn walk myself to school and learn english on my own. My dad was always working so he never had time for me and my cousins where always out and they never wanted to be bothered by a little kid like me. When I was 14 I joined a gang because that's all the friends I had at that point and I stopped believing in God and I stopped believing in peace and everything that was happy because my whole life was just pain and suffering with no one to look up to, not even my own dad. I made some wrong choices when I was a kid but that didn't make me a bad person at all. I basically raised myself to fight all the time I wasn't afraid of no one physically but I fight what life throws at me and for my spiritual happiness. I'm currently training myself everyday all the time, I want to be a MMA fighter, I definitely want to be a missionary and I want to be a Navy SEAL. I train my hardest everyday no matter the condition I'm in (physically, mentally, and spiritually). I find myself to do something instead watching tv all the time. Bruce Lee and George St. Pierre are my idols they motivate me to be my best.

Why I am a Mormon

In the summer of 2010 I met 2 missionarys they were sisters I remember first meeting and I was a Atheist at the time I didn't believe in nobody. But I let them come to my house anyways just so that i can laugh a little. But after a few lessons I guess they saw the hate I had in me so they stopped coming. A few months later after my 18th birthday I prayed for the first time with a sincere heart and tears coming down I was at my job at the moment. I asked God to show me the truth and to show me what am I doing wrong and I would do anything so that i can stop feeling hate and pain all the time and lonelyness. Later that same day an hour after I got off work 2 different sisters came to my house and showed me how God listens to prayer and how this church is real if you ask God to show you. I let these 2 sisters welcome into my home and they never gave up on me no matter how much I tortured them. Until I repented and increased my faith even more I got baptized in February of 2011. I know this church is true because heavenly father soften my heart and took me away from all the harm i've been my whole life now i'm happy and show my dad more love than i did before and I know if it happen to me I know it can happen to many people, that's why i want to be a missionary so I can help them and shared with them my expiriences that i been through and I know i'm not alone but I do want to help them and show them that The Book of Mormon is true and another Testament of Jesus Christ. I wanna teach to young children so that when they grow up they would want to be future missionaries and teach people so that they can be closer to Christ. That's why i'm a Mormon because I know it's true and wonderful even the members they are like family to me when I never had one and teaching me manners, how to cook, about God and his plan for us. I love Jesus Christ church is the most perfect church in the whole world.

How I live my faith

I live my faith like any other Latter Day Saint I read, pray, and go to church every sabbath day. I go out with the Elders in my spare time. I help everyone when they need me to do something, I do it it, does not bother me I actually get more happy doing it. I attend church on sundays and I love to volunteer on Mormon Helping Hands. I love the members and the presidents and there callings. I love to listen to members testimony, every testimony sunday i go up and talk and share my testimony and how it helped me grow spiritually. I am still learning more about Christ and becoming a missionary. Every time before I even enter the gym I pray to give me strength and thank him for even letting me come to the gym. I pray for my food to bless it and I'm thankful for every little thing he has given me so I can use it. I love my Heavenly Father for he has blessed me my whole life for keeping me alive and blessing me with a wonderful dad and wonderful people I been around with. I keep my faith strong to this day on letting nothing happen to me. I may be the only member of my family and my friends but that's what keeps my faith strong and fight the evil everyday that's what keeps me strong. No matter where i'm at I pray even when i walk in a rough area I need his help everyday. I'm a fighter physically and spiritually and the round never ends. I LOVE MY BROTHER JESUS CHRIST AND MY HEAVENLY FATHER AND THE HOLY GHOST THAT GUIDES ME THROUGH MY DAILY LIFE!!!