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Hi I'm Scott Decker (Double Dee)

I'm a Mormon. I wasn't always though, I was born and raised a lutheran.

About Me

I'm not your average looking mormon, I'm almost a perfect circle with arms and legs. Let me explain height 5'4" or 64" waist line at this moment 62", now to really paint the picture put 9 tattoos on my arms and my gray hair past my shoulders. When I was a younger lad I played around with a drum kit for a few years and enjoyed bowling for many years. My greatest accomplishments so far----high school grad., armed forces vet., getting married., having 2 beautiful girls., joining the church., getting sealed to my family.

Why I am a Mormon

I was facing a pretty serious operation and was concerned if I would be able to do my physical job afterwards. My wife asked me if I would like our Home Teacher to give me a blessing not being a member I didn't think it would count very much. The closer the operation date got the more nervous I got. Finally I guessed some help is better than none at all so I told my wife I'll take that blessing. She said it's your blessing you call him, I think before I hung the phone up he was at the door with 4 missionaries. All of them were over 6'4" me sitting in a chair was about 3' tall 5 pairs of hands leaning over me with 2 discs in my neck ruptured (pain). Then it hit me I'm belly-achen over something I asked for, close your mind and listen to what they are sayin. BOOM!! I started listening 1st with my ears then with me heart and that's when I felt it. Me chest got hot like an arrow was shot in it and it spread the more he spoke so the more I listened. First the tears barely dripped but the dam broke soon after the blessing, that feeling was explained to me as the Holy Ghost, all I knew was it was cool. I was 35 then and that was the 1st time in me life that I had that feeling they told me I could have that feeling all the time. There was 2 what I'll call religious hurdles that kept me from joining then but 2 yrs. later I did and haven't looked back since.

How I live my faith

I have a great love of music, can't sing a note. Rock, metal, funk, r&b, soul (old), oldies, bluegrass basically everything but country and rap. There is a run/walk 3k for breast cancer that I've been able to help as a course guide for the last 2 yrs, it is a blast cheering them on as many are survivors themselves. Enjoy talking with people who've never been to one of our meeting houses, finding out what people told them about us they find out it isn't true. I used to envy the people who were born and raised in the church, but I cherish something more if I have to work for it. I like meeting with the guys and discussing how to be better fathers and husbands. I like how the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints foundation has helped strengthened my family.