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Hi I'm Eric

I'm a Yo-Yo'er. I'm a Nerd. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Heya...I'm a somewhat normal guy in my early 20's. I absolutely love to yo-yo. Yes, I can do Walk the dog and Rock the Cradle. I always get asked to do those two, so I just save the time and tell people that I do them right from the start, ahaha. Yo-yo'ing is one passion that I devloped about 4 years ago. There's a lot more to it than the yo-yo just going up and down. It's a hobby that has helped me develop patience and respect hard work. I like video games, reading, soccer and being with friends. I'm a just a laid-back guy who loves being a member of the church. Besides that I'm just getting ready to go to college in the Spring and live life to the fullest for the time being. I really look forward to getting married and having a family someday. It's a definitely a big goal in my book.

Why I am a Mormon

Learning and asking questions is something I do a lot. Infact, sometimes people think I do it too much. But I really like to learn more about things not quite understood. A lot of times in my life I've thought about death and what lies beyond that. I couldn't find answers to these questions and questions like that that made sense anywhere outside the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I love the church because of how simple things are laid out. There's nothing to hide. God offers everything we need to know in a simple way that makes sense. I love being able to learn about the mysteries of God so that I can have peace. This is one thing that I haven't been able to find anywhere else except for in this church. Peace is something that I find the world can't offer as beautifully as God can. It's something I need and my life is built on a foundation in the peace of knowing that there is no stronger foundation than God. I ask a lot of questions, and I mean a lot of questions!! Thankfully God doesn't mind me asking the multitude of questions that I have for Him. He's always there to answer them for me teach me more about the things that men can't answer.

How I live my faith

I do my best to be Christlike in all that I do. I try to love everyone and anyone through giving them service. This could be just an ear to listen to or help they need with chores. I love to be of help to them. This faith is something I love to live through my actions, and then explanations come to fill in the gaps. I do my best to help everyone I see. Sometimes it's just helping someone pick up a bunch of papers they dropped or it can be as big as helping someone move from their house! I do my best to do was Christ did. In His lifetime he went around healing, teaching and helping people. I love the attitude of pure selflessness that he emulated and so I do my best to adapt it into a modern-day way of living.