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Hi I'm Jeff Lee

I grew up in Utah. I love to be with friends and family and just have fun, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Where do I start? I grew up in the most dangerous of all places... St. George Utah (the red dirt and tumbleweeds are cold blooded)!! I am the youngest of 7 kids (3 boys 4 girls). My parents are awesome and are really supportive of the things I do (it's because I'm their favorite kid! Just kidding) I love to rock climb, run, lift weights etc. Despite all that don't be fooled, I'm out of shape still. I'm the type of person that really enjoys helping others by serving them in ways they wouldn't expect. I just love the way I feel after I do it!! I believe I've been blessed with the greatest friends in the world... despite all the trouble they've got me into I trust them with my life. I believe everyone needs a friend and I don't like to judge others that may seem to be strange to some. I feel friends are very important for all people to have. Friends can help you when you are depressed or angry almost instantly by just cracking a joke or a funny story you both remember and then all of a sudden you'll be laughing away and forgetting all the misfortune around you. I am blessed to say my friends are very good at this. I enjoy trying new things but I'm sorry if you give me a crazy seafood dish I've never seen before, I might be pretty reluctant to eat it. I'm currently serving as a missionary in the California Los Angeles Mission (C.L.A.M.)

Why I am a Mormon

Despite growing up in Utah I was blessed to be friends who were not members of this church. I don't think I could ever quite adequately express how much this Gospel means to me either to them or to anyone else I come in contact with on this mission... but if any of them could see the miracles I've seen or feel what I've felt while being in church or reading the Book of Mormon and other scriptures they would change their opinion of the Church and take it seriously when I ask them to pray about the Book of Mormon. I feel so blessed to have the words of God in my life. Over the years I have witnessed many friends who have fallen away from their faith (whether they were members of this church or not). As I witness the sorrows and trials they've experienced it's taught me that life without God is meaningless and confusing. If there's one thing I've seen in L.A. though, it is churches. Hundreds and thousands of them... some really trying to lead people to a better life, some preaching for money, some for both. This same scene of religious confusion can be seen all over the world. Preachers will use ellagant speach, history, or loud voices to try to prove to the world that they're correct... but I say to you that Only GOD really knows what is truth, and He can reveal to us truth by the Holy Ghost. One cannot simply go to school and all of a sudden lead you to the Kingdom of God. I prayed and fasted many days to know the truth for myself what this church teaches is true. Now I know.

How I live my faith

This Gospel drives me to do everything I do. My whole life and decision making are effected by my knowledge of the Gospel. Ever since I was a young child learning the Gospel in Church my greatest desire and life dream was to become a missionary. Whenever I met a missionary as a child I felt as if they were these amazing sacred people that were perfect and didn't sin in any degree. I've tried everyday despite my weaknesses to be able to inspire others like those missionaries did for me growing up. Life as a missionary in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are the most intense I've ever experienced. One hour I feel brim with joy, the next someone can call me and deliver the most crushing news ever heard and send me to tears. I learned really fast that what Jesus Christ did during His life on earth really wasn't easy at all. I thought I would do miracles the second I stepped foot in L.A., but I got slapped so hard in the face with my inadequacies and lack of knowledge I nearly fled from the mission before me. I was humbled quick. I'm not the greatest missionary or member in this Church, but this is the greatest work I've undertaken. Being a missionary is the greatest most happy work I've ever done in my life. I live my faith by trying to submitt completely to the will of the Lord every day. I work hard to find those who are ready to hear the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know this is the only way to return to live with Heavenly Father.