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Hi I'm Jacob

I Love learning, I Love playing music, I'm an athlete, I'm a deep thinker, I daydream quite a bit...and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born and raised in a small town in Northern California. I was able to survive throughout the hysterical monstrosity of my whole youth, on up through the harsh years of my highschool career, even until this very moment serving a mission in Louisiana! I owe my survival to many things...Such as SPORTS! Highschool would have been un-bearable without them. I will forever love the satisfaction I feel when hard work, practice, exercise, and everything I do to improve my physical capabilities finally pays off and results in a victory. I owe alot of my sanity to music as well, one of my favorite things to do when life gets stressful and my mind gets clowded is to sit down with my guitar just play. A piano helps too. Playing sports, playing music, drawing, just being outdoors, hiking, fishing, reading, horseback riding, archery, kickboxing, weightlifting, building stuff, off-roading, are all hobbies but overall, after everything Ive been through I feel like Ive been able to see what matters most and what makes me the happiest. I believe Ive found the path that leads to lasting peace and to a fullness of joy...and this "path" (no matter how long it took me to see it) has really been what has pulled me through and shaped me into who I am and I'm excited for this opportunity I have on my mission to share it with others.

Why I am a Mormon

Because I found out the Book of Mormon was true, but on a side note, the whole world seems to live a certain way...and so few stand up and live differently. It can be like swimming against the current of a rushing river...It would be so easy to just give in, let the current take you and go with the flow, but I dont see how that could make me stronger. Like a stone in a river, It could never become smoothed and polished without the steady rushing of the current. Without Opposition there can be no progression. I've come to know that this one of the main reasons we were sent here to earth...to have a chance to become what we have potential to be... "smoothed and polished" When my perspective broadens to this "Big Picture" it changes everything...it makes it seem like there are only a few things that truly matter in this world. I'm a Mormon because this is where Im taught what truly matters, what I need to know to be steadfast and Immovable, and to find So much joy in reaching out to others to help strengthen them in this world full of strong "currents" I'm a Mormon because I want to be somebody else, I dont want to just "Go with the Flow" but that desire was only the beginning. I'm a Mormon because Ive learned I'm much, much happier living the gospel standards upheld in this church compared to the times I've slipped up and went against what I've been taught...and for many more reasons.

How I live my faith

Well, If I didnt share my beliefs I wouldnt be Living them...so teaching is definitely one of my favorite things to do and I hope I can continue teaching others for the rest of my life some how, some way. I hope I will have the opportunity to teach youth in their teenage years. I live my faith by finding love for everybody and showing it through acts of kindness...which ends up being the best way to teach anyways. I plan on serving my country in the future. I believe that one of the basic things that separate us "Mormons" from the rest of the world is how we live our lives...Ultimately how we live our Faith. Nobody is perfect of course, but we can always do better than we did yesterday. So thats it, Because of a loving Heavenly father and the Love, sacrifice, and teachings of His Son...little by little, step by step, day by day we can move just a little closer to perfection...When I put these teachings to the test, and I can feel myself improve and become stronger because of them, It makes me really happy. It truly is a pursuit of happiness...Love being the ultimate motivation and It will be Infinitely worth every sacrifice we make.