What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Tammy

I'm a happily married mother of four and work from home as a childcare provider by day and a bookkeeper by night. : )

About Me

I didn't have an easy childhood, as most people don't these days. As a teenager I was looking for love and thought I found it a few times and got pregnant. I found myself growing into adult hood going from one abusive relationship into another. I didn't have an education, stable job, or stable home. I lacked independence, self confidence, and self esteem. I ended up in a town where I had no family and friends called Kennewick. It was so hard to think positive in such a negative world. Finally my light bulb came on and I decided I didn't want to be a victim anymore. I am a survivor! With a little help from my local domestic violence shelter I was able to get my life straight and started going to college. As always, it seemed with every step I took forward I'd end up 2 steps back. After keeping a job, having a stable home, and starting the healing process with my children, we lost everything in an apartment fire (neighbor smoking) and had to start over again! I was lucky to have all the friends and family of my church there to help me through such a tough time. Since then I've rebuilt my life, finished college, got a better job, got married in the Temple, had a beautiful baby girl, and live in a beautiful home filled with love and happiness.

Why I am a Mormon

I have a strong testimony that the church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints and the prophet Joseph Smith is true. I must share with you my story. I was investigating the church and asked many people in society questions about the religion. Honestly I heard nothing but bad things from people I looked up to and people who's opinions I valued but for some reason my heart was still drawn to learn more about the church. I prayed everyday for a long time asking if I was making the right choice (keep in mind I never really prayed before) and I always got a good feeling. I had a baptism date and It ended up being postponed for many reasons. I don't think it was my time and I wasn't ready cause I still had doubt. Once that doubt went away I was baptized and that day changed my life forever. I felt so loved, accepted, understood, wanted, needed, and every good feeling in the world x100. Ever since that day my world went from everything being negative to everything being positive. Good things started happening to me and my testimony was being made stronger and stronger. Shortly after I was baptized I watched a movie about Joseph Smith the prophet that restored the gospel and I never doubted the religion and Joseph Smith so much. I reflected a lot and tried to understand what I had just seen. I had many questions and prayed to the lord Jesus. I never got an answer, instead I got a question. The question was, who would you pick then? I had to think about it and I gave several wrong answers and reasonings until I realized that I wouldn't pick anybody. That's when Joseph Smith came to my mind. There was my answer and now I knew that Joseph Smith is truely a prophet. I also found it very interesting how I used to look at the bible as a bunch of stories from the past and then the words reminded me of shakespear-hard to read. I was happy to realize that the bible never ended and we are still making history in it today!

How I live my faith

I live my faith by setting an example to others. We go to church every Sunday, put God and family first, pray everyday, and follow thy commandments. We don't drink alcohol, smoke, do drugs, cheat, lie, steal or cuss. No we aren't perfect and we don't think we are better than others. We all make mistakes but what's important is that we all strive to BE better and DO better (repentance) without judging one another. Although it is human nature to judge others we must try not to. Here are 5 reasons why people judge others: 1. It is easier to criticize than to be constructive. 2. To magnify our own virtues. 3. To justify our own faults. 4. Revenge or jealousy. 5. To shift the blame. Don't judge me because I sin differently than you. : ) I'm glad our Heavenly Father is forgiving to us all because no body is perfect.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

There would'nt be so many wonderful creations in this world if their wasn't a God. I can feel him and there is evidence/proof that he exist. I also had a life and death experience and was able to visit him in my dreams. I died donating blood at a bank I worked at but was given a 2nd chance. He didn't feel it was my time to go yet and I had things to do. I was upset I had to come back because there was no negative feelings at all there in the spirit world. I finally felt at peace after all I'd been through. I wouldn't be alive today if there wasn't a God. Show more Show less

What is the Law of Chastity?

The law of Chasidy means: Wait until you're married to be intimate and don't cheat when you're married. It's not a bad rule to have since there are so many young children having children themselves, the divorce rate is so high and it can be traumatizing for children to go through it, and no one can seem to trust anyone in todays world. There are many sexually transmitted diseases and unexpected pregnancies because of people not following the law of chastity. Following the laws of Chasidy will bring saftey, happiness, self-respect, trust, and peace to you and your family. You are setting a good example for your children to follow since you are their role model and they watch everything you do and say. Children can read peoples behavior better than adults can so please remember they are watching you and will learn your every move and do the same. Show more Show less