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Hi I'm James Kelly Pope

I Love the Outdoors, People make me laugh, and I'm a follower of Jesus Christ.

About Me

I was born July of 1992, (Year of the Monkey, If you read the Chinese Zodiac things on the tables, you'll pick up what im putting down) I grew up in Montana then moved to Arlington, VA. My father and I are Football loving sports running guys! My Dad and I always enjoyed getting up at 5:30 every morning to watch Batman when I was five! I love my friends and family! I do all kinds of Sports, as well as biking, longboarding, and rock climbing! The Sunrise and Sunset may just be the best part of the day. Even though I often sleep right through them ^_^ they are worth every moment. Getting up early (when the forcast is beautiful) to take a friend to see the beauty and power of the rise and set really makes you appreciate life and the power that surrounds us. I love to play random games, be outdoors, and work on my old 1979 Camaro (Courtesy of my family, you rock)! Its rough but Super fun! Its so much fun to just randomly getting in a really old car full of people you love, and roll down the highway looking for some Adventure. I love smiling at random people and talking to just about anyone who will listen! =] I love storms and the sound of rain. I have never seen a Tornado but I have a feeling if I stay in Iowa long enough that will change.

Why I am a Mormon

I felt the guiding light of Christ come into my Family's life. To know there is so much more to this life, not just drifting from one useless thing to the next is a truly a blessing. The Plan of Happiness is everything to me, to know I can be with my family forever. I prayed about it. I have my answer and know it to be true with every fiber of my soul. So (why am I Mormon) is the wrong question for me. It should be *why'd it take you so long to follow the spirit of God?*. . . well because I lost sight of what was really important. So I found myself hitting as close as I was willing to get to Rock Bottom. I Promised to follow the undeniable Spirit of our Father in Heaven and it has always brought me back to The Church of Jesus Christ. That's why. I was tired of having no true goal or direction for my life and couldn't except that there was nothing after this life. I know this Gospel is true. And if you truly love your family you should pray and ask for yourself. If you really want to know he will tell you. I promise.

How I live my faith

How I Live my faith? To start, I love helping my Friends, as well as anyone who has the O.o (Please Help me!) Look! After I joined the church, I was invited to visit two different familys for home teaching. I had the O.o (help me look) but I grew to enjoy the opportunity to help the best I could! I truly love those two familys! I soon noticed, how wonderful a blessing it was to go see these familys. It was at times, very hard, I was often busy or tired. Then one day I had the thought, what if Jesus had said "sorry guys, I'm to tired and busy to help." Yeah it doesn't sound right does it? I then knew, that no matter what, we need to go visit or help the people our Heavenly Father loves and cares about. I now have that opportunity to visit & help others grow in faith by surving a mission in Iowa. I knew from the moment I sent in the papers it was going to be hard, and it is. I am giving up two years with my family, So that others can spend eternity with there's. Through Faith I know, that life is not a joke but a blessing and gift from God. I had enough faith to listen and open my heart to the Spirit when visited by Missionaries. Each day is a battle of faith, but through faith, you to will understand that even though you can't see the sun at night, all you have to do, is look up and see the reflection of its light off the moon, and know, the Sun in all its glory will rise and shine again. Everyday I work to grow Spiritually, to be more Christ like, and to be there for (you) when all is dark and the Sun seems so far away. How do I live my faith? Well, I do my best to follow the examples of Christ and take the good with the bad having faith it will all turn out in the end. =]