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Hi I'm Christopher G. Marohn

I'm a Political Consultant, I'm a husband, I'm a California native, and most importantly I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a convert to the Church. I was baptized on June 4, 2011. I never knew what happiness was until I came out of the water and devoted my life to progressing in the Gospel. I say progress because we are never done or completed until we are perfected long after death. I chose to be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for several reasons. First is that service is essential to salvation. The members of the LDS Church showed me on day 1 of investigation, and continue to show me to this very day, that selfless service of our fellow person is the greatest lesson the Savior taught. Second is unconditional love. No matter what society tries to say, the heart of the LDS faith is love. To love our neighbor, to love our brother, to love our sister is key to understanding and emulating the Savior and his ministry. Third it made sense to me that a loving Heavenly Father would not stop talking to his children through Prophets. As in the days of old he would call a Prophet to be his mouth piece on Earth, and that tradition continues today with our Prophet Thomas S. Monson. I am a political operative. That means I do a lot of work in politics. Campaign management, fundraising, opposition research, mass media messaging and marketing. Jack of all trades in the political world. My wife and I live in Monterey CA, she is the current Relief Society President and I am Ward Mission Leader. Our lives are busy, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a member because this church is true. that simple. i believe that family and service are the cornerstone of a life doing something. I am a mormon because i believe that something greater than I is driving my life, that i make sacrifice and receive blessings. I am a mormon because i took the time to talk to my Heavenly Father and ask him what should i do and he pointed me to the people who changed my life and brought me his house and showed me his love even though i may struggle with being a perfect person. This is a great time to talk about my conversion. In Nov 2010 i was working for a Congressmember out of the East Bay area of California. I was consumed with his campaign. I wanted him to win, i needed him to win, i lived for his victory. This consumed me. My life was this job. Then in Nov after the election had ended and the smoke cleared, we were victorious. But now i was empty. I didn't know who i was if i wasn't apart of this election. But one thing i did get was the understanding that the completeness i felt was out there and i could feel it again. My mother advised me to go to church and i started attending every church i could find. i am blessed to have great member friends that were my friends before i convert. They talked to me, they never forced me. They loved me even when i was acting like a lesser man than i should be, and the invited me when i wasn't ready to ask for help. i met with the elders, several sets of elders. But these two men were more than elders to me. They are my friends, my family. We didn't talk religion, we talked life. Sports, girls, and mission life. Eventually we started the discussions. After 5 weeks of being taught the discussion, i felt that completeness again. I felt that wholeness with life. And as i talked about the fullness i was invited to enter the waters of baptism. And as i came out of that water i was renewed, washed clean of who i was, and entered the life of the great man I am.

How I live my faith

I serve. that is how i live my faith. When people need me i am there. Whether it is in the way of helping find services for them in times of need, or building a fence or just giving them a ride to work. I listen when needed, i act when called upon, and i move with purpose. I make a lifestyle of serving other. I take seriously the asking of people for help, if i can do it, i will. I find a way to change the things in my life that are less important to make sure that my fellow human is getting the help they need. I live my faith by never cowering when someone asks me about being a Mormon. I wear my faith as a badge of courage for all those to see who i am. I don't force myself onto people, but i do not hide when confronted. I am an out loud person. I shoot from the hip, believe from the heart, and speak from the soul. Living the gospel is all about just being an example. To live each of the talons of the faith in a way that people can understand. It is about showing the world that living the faith leads to so many blessings, and trust me i have a strong testimony about not living the gospel vs. living the gospel. The blessings that i have received from giving my all the faith have made me such a better person and gives me the more and more reasons everyday that i should keep living the faith.

What is faith?

Christopher G. Marohn
Faith is the belief is something you can't see. It is a feeling, a want, a desire to know something bigger than you. Faith is willing to step without knowing where you are putting your feet. Knowing that no matter where you go you are protected. Faith is your umbrella to protect from the storm and it is the thanks for your moments in the sun. Show more Show less