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Hi I'm Joshua

I came from Longview Texas, but am currently serving a Mission in Michigan. My dream is to someday be a writer.

About Me

I grew up mostly in Texas, and I've lived on my own for about 5 years. My passion is to be a full-time writer or an author. I love to write and put my thoughts down as well create fictional based story's. I also love to spend my spare time also exploring, cooking, reading, and playing video games. At this current time I do the work of the Lord spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ 24/7, and I've been doing it since Dec. 2010

Why I am a Mormon

When I was 16 I joined the Southern Baptist faith of Christianity. After being a believer in Christ for a year I started to take thing's seriously. Then I began to ask questions. I had always asked why would God send people to hell who didn't have a chance to hear the Gospel and why would God command us to marry someone and have a family to share your life with if he was just going to separate them in the next life. Questions like these could not be answered in the faith I was in. Then being lifted in pride and having my life become quite miserable from 17 to 19. I had become open minded to the fact that I might be doing something wrong and was willing to consider anything within the realm of Christ. When I had gotten to the point of almost losing everything with no job and no income to keep my apartment I thought my life at the time was about to end. I realized that I had no future and no direction. In the middle of the thought that this is it, the Mormon Missionary's showed up. I thought they were Jehovah witnesses (who had been bothering me earlier) and wanted them off my door. They were bold with me and asked if they could come in and talk with me. I was about to close the door on them when a thought came to mind that said "if you close that door you will regret it the rest of your life." So I let them in and they told me they were Mormon to which I had never heard of before. They taught me the lessons which all made sense and my roommates at the time taught me anti-Mormon stuff which also sounded convincing. I didn't know who to believe, but the missionary's said that the only way I will know is by reading the Book of Mormon and asking god about it. So I did and after 2 weeks of reading and praying I received a powerful witness by the power of the Holy Ghost. When I knew for a fact that the Lord supported this book and everything the Missionary's taught I was baptized 2 weeks later and have been a member ever since.

How I live my faith

After a year of being a worthy member I decided to go on a mission. I had always known that I would be a missionary even before I joined the church. I just didn't know how it was going to happen. I now serve in the Michigan Lansing Mission and been here for over 18 months and will be here serving the people of Michigan for another 6. I am apart of one of the greatest works the world has ever seen which is to bring soul's unto Christ and help them strengthen there faith with the principals we teach. I am tried some day's, but most day's I enjoy the work. I've learned allot teaching Gospel. I've also have had allot of epic, random, funny, and crazy experiences, and I wouldn't have my life any other way. I know the Restored gospel of Jesus Christ is the true and that there are living Prophets on the earth in the Latter-day's with absolute certainty. Just as sure as if Jesus were to stand in front of me face to face, and eye to eye. I cannot deny what God has said and shown to me. I teach and preach the Gospel because I know what this can do for anyone who will except it's doctrine's, and this is why I'm out I'm out here, and why I do what I do.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Anyone who has truly read the Bible knows the Lord has called Prophet's and Apostle's. In fact all the Men who wrote in the Bible were Prophet's, seers, and revelators, and it is also the same in the Book of Mormon. If God in His love called Prophet's in the time's of old, then why would He not call them in our day when we need them them more than ever. It would only make sense that God in His love has done so. Joseph Smith was just the first of many who were called in our day. Ever since the 1820's God has opened the windows of heaven and has given guidance to His children. Even today. Our current Prophet's name is Thomas S. Monson. I once knew what it felt like to understand the importance of these men and feel disappointed to think they were all dead. Now that I'm apart of this church I am not only guided by living Prophet's, but I am in great appreciation for God bringing them back to the Earth. That is why I know He still Love's us, because I know that through His Prophet's He shows that His work is not yet finished. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

We believe that we are saved by grace after all we can do. To have faith in Christ means to act upon his teachings. Christ paid for the price of sin and it can redeem all men from there lost and fallen state, however in order for that to happen we must be willing to forsake our sins for the hope of a better life. The atonement or sacrifice of Christ does not give us permission to sin, but it gives us the hope that our mistakes can be washed away so that we can forget the past and move forward to a future of joy and happiness. He has for sure paid the price for our short comings, but now we are in debt to Him. He asks us to be a daily sacrifice to Him. Because of Christ the law of Moses no longer condemns us, but now Christ asks us to live the higher law which is to Love God with everything you have and to love your fellowman as you would yourself. So if we do not have the desire to love God and those around us why would He force us to live with Him in the life to come. If we truly love Christ we will keep His commandments to the best of our abilities, and after we do all that we can that is when the atonement comes in to make up for our imperfections. Show more Show less