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Hi I'm Brittany

I like dancing in the grocery store, making people feel beautiful, I literally like to sing in the rain, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am Brittany. I come from a predominantly Italian heritage. I am 22 years old and an only child. I speak Spanish, English and Mandarin Chinese and before I was learning Portuguese, Italian and Thai in my spare time. I LOVE LANGUAGES! I am graduated with a BA in Spanish and International Relations. I am a lover of almost everything it seems: polka dots. chubby babies. camping. flip flops. cameras. old paintings. lemongrass. raindrops. cool breezes. bike riding. nature. fishing. red lipstick. the ocean blue. crayons. More things that I love: - dancing and singing everywhere I go. My life might be a musical... -everything that is old and worn out..Antique shops and musky bookstores make me very happy. -experimenting in the kitchen! I love cooking for other people and just making a party at the house - getting my hands dirty- i love to learn new things like pottery, gardening, homeopathic medicine, painting, fixing my car.. etc - being with the people i adore! family, friends, meeting new people of every culture, background and point of view

Why I am a Mormon

I have seen my fair share of pain and sorrow in my life. I have cried many nights in loneliness, pain and regret. I've had my heart broken by choices I've made and effects of other peoples decisions. I've seen my family and the people I love- their relationships deeply effected because of wrong doings. It's hard to develop a sense of trust and confidence towards the world and the people in it when you witness how much people can hurt themselves and each other. I am the most imperfect person I know, I'll be the first to tell you that too! The good news of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is that ANYONE, regardless of origin, color, education or occupation can enjoy the blessings of knowing and worshiping the Savior. ANYONE can overcome their personal tragedies that they have faced or are currently facing. I know this because I've been there. That all consuming feeling of being hurt, and not knowing how to fix it, or how to heal. And being so very angry towards the world that it seems impossible that things or people could ever change. The Gospel of Jesus Christ restored through Joseph Smith gave me the hope I needed... because I found out that through His all consuming love, His grace, His mercy, and His suffering- Jesus Christ knows me. He knows my favorite color, He knows my temptations, He knows my abilities, He knows my favorite song I like to sing in the car, most importantly He knows everything I have the potential to become.. And He wants to help me get there. There is NOTHING that can be lost through following Jesus Christ- only eternal joy and blessings to be gained. He loves me, He loves you- He knows you too! I am a Mormon because I have gained a witness that God and Jesus Christ know me and love me- through reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it. Praying not because I was had to or was expected to- because i wanted to KNOW, and I wanted to ACT on whatever answer I was given. And because I wanted to know-He answered. I love being a Mormon!

How I live my faith

I love to talk to people. I love to make new friends and share my story of happiness and change in attitude and perspective with others. I am loud and outspoken, some of the few treasured traits of my upbringing :D And people usually appreciate what I have to say, or at least get a good laugh out of it. I LOVE making people feel loved and accepted! No one is an outsider in my world. I realized once from reading the scriptures that Jesus had no problem hanging out with people that were different and sometimes unaccepted, so neither should I! I am currently serving a mission in Taiwan, and learning about the culture and people here! AND LOVING IT! I know that serving a mission is the best decision I have made in my life so far because I know that through the Gospel of Jesus Christ we can be with our families FOREVER and receive more happiness than we have ever before imagined. I know this is true because I have seen the change in my own life and desire to share it with others!