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Hi I'm Molly

I'm a full time represenative for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints-aka-I'm a Mormon Missionary

About Me

I am a young single adult. I just finished with my Associates Degree in generals. I am the youngest of five kids, the baby of the family and the one who helps tie my family together in a world that tries to rip us apart. I am also a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Currently I am serving in the Georgia Macon Mission, also known as 'The Bible Belt' or the Baptist Capital depending on how you are talking to! On my mission I get to do the same thing as the original 12 Apostles did after the risen Lord ascended in to Heaven "Go out into all the world teaching and baptizing." How Great is my Calling! I was literally called. The church is run by Christ and by men whom God has called to be his mouth piece today. So when I say I was called that means I saved some money, turned in some paperwork saying I want to serve a mission and a prophet of God prayed, received revelation and CALLED me to serve in Georgia! Fun, huh! I have the neatest experience to serve in what is to me a foreign land! To learn about a different culture, society systems, and learn/teach about Christ all at the same time! On a personal side, I have never been so blessed in my entire life. It's been so hard and filled with LOTS of trials of course because Satan doesn't want me to teach about Christ, but it's been so rewarding. I've gained so many friends down here that will last through eternity. (See beliefs plan of salvation)

Why I am a Mormon

I come from a short line of converts to the church. That all begins and continues with missionaries. My father came from a background where religion was a part of his family’s life as well as his. He was the popular guy at school and loved to play every sport there was. One day a member of The Church of Jesus Christ was getting picked on by others, swearing and corning this man to a point of humiliation. My dad being the strong man he was parted the crowed reached the bullies and told them to leave the boy alone. After the crowd dispersed he turned to the boy put his arm around him and asked him to tell him of his church and his beliefs. One year later my father, like me was preaching as a missionary to others telling them of his conversion story. For my mother it was a shorter process. Her father was a member of the Church, during WW2 was a navy officer patrolling the Oregon Coast being "the first line of defense". He meet my grandmother there who was not only not a member of his church but whose mother was an immigrant from Norway, and knew nothing about the Church. They were sealed for time and all of eternity and brought into the world my mother who has been my backbone and guide back to the road that leads to Jesus countless times in my life. My story is now sharing my own testimony of this work to the world. By serving a full time mission just like my grandparents, father, and brother did. Leading families closer to Christ, and stronger in their testimony of him.

How I live my faith

I live my life the way I know the Savior would live his. Often as a child I would hear the words of a song, "If the Savior Stood beside Me, would I do and say the things I say and do?” Those words have leaded me through a life of many struggles, heartaches, and deaths of friends and family members. It also helped me to realize that he doesn't want me to do this on my own but wants me to seek for help, his divine help. So then a thought came to me. If he wants me to be happy and be with him, there must be a reason for all things. For surely he would not have me go through something or experience something if there was nothing to learn. "For he is a merciful God and a just God." How do I live my Faith? By realizing when there is a trial, there is an eternal lesson to be learned. When I make a mistake I need to have the faith that Christ did the Atonement for me, and seek for forgiveness, apply the atonement to my life, covenant or promise to do that sin no more and then to move or progress forward. By having faith that even when I don't receive answers to my prayers or understand why I must experience something, that it will be eventually answered. Not on my time but the Lords which is different from our own. I live my faith, by giving it completely and 100% to my Savior.