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Hi I'm Rae Lowery

I'm a Mormon. I have 7 children, 3 stepsons, and an honorarily adopted stepson. I also have 7 grandchildren and one on the way.

About Me

I am running for the Senate this November. Most of my life, I was not interested in politics. When I did become interested, I was disgusted by it. I could not understand why anyone would want to be involved in such a dirty, dishonest business. I made a conscious choice not to even belong to a political party, so I was free to vote for the person who seemed to have the most integrity and values that aligned with my own. So why am I now running for the Senate? Because I realized that if everyone with integrity and strong ethics felt as I did, there would never be people in government who were worth voting for. I made a choice to put my hat in the ring, knowing that I will potentially be abused by the media, those who run against me, and those who don't like me for their own personal reasons. I am running because I love my country and I don't like the direction it is taking. I want to do what I can to put it right. I love the people in my community, and I want to stand up for their rights. I am willing to be hated and gossiped about, in order to help those that I am able to help. I don't know if I will win, but I decided that I didn't have the right to complain if I do nothing but stand around and complain. I work as an Employment Specialist with the Homeless population in Clark County Washington. Before working at this job, I taught as a substitute teacher. I have also worked as a volunteer in the schools from the time my first child entered the school system.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a Mormon family that was ripped apart by divorce. I think at that point the whole family stopped believing in God, or at least acted as though God was not an important part of the group we had become. My father stopped going to church, and my mother stopped believing in the church, even though we were allowed to go if we wanted to. For many years we went to various churches to learn what they believed, but it never seemed to me that they were much more than entertainment, which was often reinforced by the passing of a plate so that the participants were paid for their time. I went to seminary against the wishes of my stepfather, who hated getting up in the mornings to drive me. I had to fight with him every morning about it. Even though my belief system was still being developed, I wanted to learn what Mormons believed to know if I believed it too. My imperfect family continued to have problems, and after a while, I became an unmarried pregnant girl and felt sufficient shame to stop going to church to avoid the questions and answers. Our culture has changed somewhat in this respect, but at that time, an unwed mother was shunned by society and the child was hated and oppressed. Not wanting that for my baby, I married the father and had a rocky, unhappy marriage. During that time, I was looking for answers in the bottom of a bottle, and in men other than my husband. I hated the choices I was making, but made them anyway. When my child was about 3, she started asking questions about God. I hated that she was not learning good things from my example, and came to a turning point in my life. I got on my knees and asked God to help me know what to do. I felt a peaceful feeling come over me and felt it was right to start going back to church and not worry what people said about my mistakes. It was a long road back, and took 5 marriages to get the right husband. Fortunately, there is value in pain, though, and now I have great joy and peace.

How I live my faith

About 12 years after I got out of high school, I got a college degree in Music and Sociology. I always felt it was somewhat appropriate that I had a BS in music...Anyway, that has served me well, and I am now in charge of the music for our ward. I compose music which is sometimes performed by the choir or small groups. I have also taught just about every age group there is, from nursery babies to adults. Teaching adults is my favorite calling, as I learn from them while I teach them. In my community, I teach homeless and indigent people that terrible things often happen to help us learn patience, endurance, and faith. My clients often ask about my beliefs, because I am a person who is full of joy, and they frequently ask me why I am so happy. I talk openly about my life, and the times I was homeless as an adult because of choices I was making at the time. I often say that it takes 10 years to see the reason for a situation, and ask them what changes came about because of the most traumatic things in their lives. Over time, they begin to see the wisdom and benefit in those painful experiences, and often their anger with God is eased or erased, as mine eventually was. I try to help my clients see that nothing is coincidental, and that there is always a reason for the way things happen. Even though we have our free agency to choose our own way, it is sort of like bowling with bumpers...the ball is eventually going to go the direction that it is designed to go. In all of my interactions, whether with family, work, or church, I try to be true to my beliefs, and openly discuss my religion with others when they ask about it. I believe that almost all religions have important truths, and respect that fact when the topic comes up. I love a good debate, no matter where I am at the time :)

How does the Church finance its operations?

Rae Lowery
All businesses must have money to run, and tithing is about as fair a way as this can be accomplished. Rather than have a set amount of money that is paid, each person pays 10% of their increase. Too bad our tax laws are not run this way! Show more Show less