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Hi I'm Sarah E.

I'm a mother of 4 married 12 years. Born & raised in Las Vegas, NV and recently moved to North Brunswick, NJ. I'm a Mormon. =)

About Me

I am a mother of the 4 most beautiful, bright and spiritual children on earth. Raised in the Mormon church, although my parents were inactive. I never quite fit in anywhere and struggled with the fact that I was different. At 14 I fell away from the church and pretty much ran the streets until I was 18 or so, when I started dating my husband. All of those years on the streets had taken a toll and I was tired, it was time to settle down. I knew my husband had been "saved" at a Christian Bible based church close to us and it was intriguing to me. I was sad, I felt alone, like something was missing. So I went to a church, any church, one I could get to, and the strangest thing happened.... I felt the Holy Ghost for the first time ever. I knew I wasn't alone. I had my Heavenly Father, and his beautiful son Jesus Christ. Since that day I have never felt alone EVER. Although I jumped around from church to church and religion to religion I knew I had something more than religion, I had a beautiful and merciful relationship with my Heavenly Father, eventually after my father's passing and his services being held at a Ward building I went back to the Mormon church. The church was so kind and loving to me and my family and I knew I was home again. Shortly after, my husband and 2 oldest children were baptised and have been attending since. I am now a Sunbeam teacher and so grateful for my Mormon family that never gave up, never forgot about me, and loved me even more for my struggles.

Why I am a Mormon

No matter where I have lived, in any part of the country I am with a family.....my family. I have a network of people that uncondtionally love me.....let me say that one more time, UNCONDITIONALLY love me. I have had Bishops that I have never met love me and want to help me make my life happier and nearer to my Heavenly Father. Every day these men volunteer their time and energy to love me and care for me and let me know I'm not alone. Every day my Relief Society presidency takes time away from their children and daily tasks just to love me. BUT not just me......everyone. We are a church of pure charity, pure faithfulness to our precious Father in Heaven, and pure Christ-like love. I feel blessed everyday knowing someone truly cares about me and my family, they truly love us and want us in their lives. I truly believe that through my church, the Atonement, and the ordinances that Heavenly Father has put here for me, I will be with my family for all eternity in the most beautiful heaven with my great Lord God and his merciful son, Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by acknowleding that Jesus Christ made the ULTIMATE sacrifice for me and I am nothing but a humble servant of him. Knowing that it so easy to serve, so easy to teach my children about God and how to have a realtionship with him. I believe that a religion and a relationship with God are 2 completely different things. Yes, I go to church every Sunday, but not to just go to church and take sacrament, but to serve. I am a Sunbeams teacher teaching the 3 yr old members of our church. I believe it is so important to instill how much Jesus loves us as soon as little ones get it. I spend my week planning a lesson and a craft and then testing it out on my own little boys. When I get started in class we have so much fun and the time flies. I participated in the Helping Hands program with the church after hurricane Irene hit the east coast. The damage was unimaginable and well as the sadness in the victims. Sometimes I wouldn't even know where to begin cleaning so I would just hug them. One family had every picture they had ever taken get soaked in flood water. We prayed over the photos and then a MIRACLE happened....they just started coming apart, completley undamaged, a little wet, but undamaged. God showed himself in so many ways during the relief efforts that I know some non-believers said goodbye to us with a fulfilment in their hearts that what we did was not us but the Lord himself. I don't think we went to a single fellow Mormon, all were non-members, sometimes we would just walk the streets and offer help to anyone who needed it. I felt ultimately blessed for that experience. I will spend my life trying to show Jesus Christ how thankful I am for the Atonement and his loving mercies he gives me daily, if I can just make 1 person smile, know the love of Christ, share the overwhelming comfort of the Holy Ghost, help someone pray and get their answer I know that I have pleased my Lord, I know my blessings will be great and I will be with my Redeemer again.