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Hi I'm Sandra

I'm a Mormon. I love life, I love my family, I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

About Me

I was raised by a single mom with six siblings, we learned early that we had to work, play, laugh and live together to exist as poverty's cruel deprivations were always present in my childhood. I think that my mother's desire to raise us in a family centered in love because often that was all she could give us created a strong family bond and a deep appreciation for life. I met and married the love of my life at eighteen, my husband, Junior and I are still on our honeymoon after almost 39 years of marriage. We have raised four children, walked together through the sunny days as well as the stormy trials that life threw our way and we still appreciate every opportunity life gives to us. I love to create, I immerse myself in crafts of every kind. I am obsessive about recording family history, I so appreciate those who came before me and left a legacy of hard work, Christian ideals and a love for life. I love to write stories and poetry, I love to paint and sew. I love the scriptures, I am grateful for the message of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and how my belief in Christ has altered my path, has turned my bitterness into joy, my sorrow into happiness, my trials into victories my cup has always been more that half full.

Why I am a Mormon

As a child my mother told us stories about a Heavenly Father, because my earthly father had chosen to leave us I turned to this Heavenly Father. I spoke to Him when I was lonely, when I needed something I asked Him for it. I told Him I loved Him, I felt a warm feeling when I knelt in prayer as my mother had taught me. As I grew into my teens years I kept searching for answers to my life, most teenagers mocked and laughed at the idea that God even existed, secular knowledge explained Him away as a fable. Churches I attended told me I had a wrong concept of God. But I could not let go of my childhood Friend, I knew in my heart that what I felt was real I knew He loved me and watched over me. I felt Him in my every day life, walking beside me giving me courage to go on. As a young adult I still put my trust in Him even though the world I lived in seemed to reject His existence. Our first child was born into the world healthy and strong after a very difficult pregnancy and medical advice that termination would be appropriate. I had prayed for a miracle every day and when our son was born I said in my heart I have to find God, if this baby could be born strong and healthy then the God I believe in and worship must be here some where, others must know Him. My husband and I began searching, we went to many churches and found some truth but not the deep conviction we were looking for. Finally in my 25th year a friend of mine introduced me to the church through the Book of Mormon, I had heard bad things about that particular church and was a little hesitant to get involved, but I read the The Book of Mormon, my life exploded into a joyful new birth. My childhood Friend was real, He loved me and everything I believed in was true.He sent His Son Jesus Christ into the world to be our Savior, He loved His children and had prepared a way for them to return to Him, as I poured over the Book the sweet, quiet whisperings of the Holy Ghost verified everything I knew to be true.

How I live my faith

I am a convert to the church, I try every day to show the same love and friendship that was offered to me and helped me find the Church of Jesus Christ. I try never to take my membership for granted. If Jesus Christ loved me enough to die for me I must try my best to live for Him. The church teaches us to reach out in love, to draw a circle of friendship large enough to encompass the entire human family, I cannot reach everyone but I try to be a positive influence in every life I touch. I love people, I know even a quick smile, a friendly hello, an opened door can change some ones day. I love to serve, I love to teach, I began life being extremely shy but you cannot reach people hiding under a bushel, I have had to come out of my comfort zone and share what I know, follow the Savior's example, get up when I fall. I try to share my talents and hobbies with others, make a meal for the hungry and a blanket for the cold and shoulder for the weary to lean on. It's easy to serve when I have been served, easy to love when I have been loved. I also love the Temple, I go as often as I can to give service to others there. I have become who I am because Christ lives in my heart I try to listen to Him and do the things He tells me to do. Repentance has been an enormous gift in my life, the Atonement of Christ has changed my attitude, the teaching of the church has offered me a better way to live. I love children, I have had wonderful opportunities in the church to teach them, they recognize Christ easily, they want to love and serve I have learned a lot from spending time with them. Their enthusiasm is contagious. I have worked with the youth of the church, they are exhausting, they require so much of us and we need to be good examples to them, we need to have answers for them because just like me when I was a youth, they are searching. I pray, I read the scriptures I try to follow the footprints left by Jesus. I try to reach out in love as He did.