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Hi I'm Jenn

I grew up on the ocean, love to swim, am married to my best friend, am an EMT and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have to tell you about how I met my husband! It's kind of a crazy story so stay with me :) but it's awesome! I love to share it. He was at school on the other side of the country from me and we both felt impressed to go to this other school. For both of us financially the schools we were at are less much expensive, and academically, the school did not even have the major my husband had already spent three years on, but there we were, at a small school almost in the middle of no where, with no classes together, and yet still, we met. I was sitting at a little café on campus doing my math homework when this guy walked in to order some food, he asked if he could sit with me while he waited for his food and then was like, "So I'm a math tutor.." so smooth right :) to be fair, thats not the first thing he said. I think he started with, "oh that looks familiar, what math class are you in?" and then the "I'm a math tutor, but I like to tease him about that. And now we are happily married, and the girl (me) who grew up on the water is now living in the desert. Oh the things love can do.

Why I am a Mormon

I know that growing up, I had a lot of friends that did not quite understand this. To be honest, I wondered too. We don't drink or smoke or party in the same way that a lot of people do. Because that stuff can be so enjoyable I think that people don't realize just how much more to life there can be. When I graduated high school, many of my friends from church decided to head to the west, mostly Utah, for school. I went to college in state, and had a very interesting learning experience. I didn't really have a testimony of the church until I was about 19, when I decided that the way so many of the people around me were living, was not for me. I am happy now for the first time in my life because of the blessings I have received from being a faithful member of the church. There is a big difference between going to a church and having it be a part of you, and letting it change your life. That change was hard for me, but as I said, I am infinitely more happy for it. I thought the life I knew was the best there was, I was wrong. I am Mormon because families can be together forever, because the Gospel brings so much joy, because I know who I am. I am a Mormon because of all the ways to live, this is the best one, I know that it is the way that can bring the most true, real, lasting happiness. And not the fleeting feelings other things can bring. No one is perfect, and I know that is true for people of Mormonism as well, the key is to look past everything, all the lies the world can tell and hurt feelings and everything else, to see the simple, yet beautiful truth that we are ment to be happy. I am grateful for Tempels, that I may have forever with my husband and future children, I don't know what could be more wonderful then that.

How I live my faith

One of my favorite thing about being a Mormon is that it't not just a once a week type of the thing, it's a lifestyle. I try to always incorporate the things we learn into my daily life such as honesty and caring about people. Mormon is just the nickname for our religion, the actual name is The Church of Jesus Chris of Latter Day Saints. When we are baptized we are taught that we are taking his name upon us, and every week in the sacrament prayer we are reminded of that promise as we make it again. I live my Faith by trying to always live as Christ did.