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Hi I'm Andrew M. Lloyd

I'm a Latter-day Saint. I love Jesus Christ. I'm married and have four children. I'm a lawyer - family law and criminal defense.

About Me

I'm a regular guy. I like joking around. I enjoy hanging out with my buddies, when I'm not raising my four children with my wife. I play racquetball, do martial arts, and "compete" in triathlons. Truth be told, I just like to exercise to stay in shape when I'm not reading science fiction or watching funny movies. Many of my friends are not members of the church, though they are typically aware that I am, due to my adherence to certain principles and beliefs. I love my Savior, and I try to be a good example in my life by being kind to others and not judging them. I know that those I come in contact with are my brothers and sisters here on earth. I want them to be happy. We all make mistakes and are striving to be better. I try to pay attention to who people are on the inside. Most people say I have a lot of energy - that I'm happy a lot. I guess that's true. I believe in being positive and standing for truth and liberty - that each of us has a divine right to make our own choices, not just be acted upon. We can affect the world and everyone we come in contact with. I hope that those who know me are better off when they meet me. I saw a bumper sticker over a year ago - it's dumb, but it kinda hit home, you know? It read, NO BAD DAYS. I believe in that. I have had hard times, but I find a quick wit, smile, and humor will turn most things around. My Father in Heaven loves me. He wants me to be happy, so I try to affect others that same way.

Why I am a Mormon

Well, I was raised that way initially, though in my teen years, I strayed quite far away. As I neared the age of nineteen, I knew the expectation was that I serve a 2 year mission for my church. I wasn't prepared, but I wanted to be. I mean, honestly, living the gospel principles were truly a "duh" factor for me - even though I might not have been doing it at the time. Staying away from harmful substances to the body; giving charitable contributions; spending time with family; being honest, chaste, virtuous, kind; following the example of our Savior in serving others -- these things are just right. Well, after my girlfriend at the time wanted to know more about the church, I felt it was a good idea to let the missionaries teach her. It revived some feelings in me, those feelings I had known all along and been taught by my good parents. She was converted; I watched her life change, and in the process mine changed, too. For me, personally, individually, it involved a sincere dedication to reading the scriptures again, particularly the Book of Mormon, and asking God if the things I read were true. The answer came as an obvious but powerful declaration in my heart that I had known these things all along. It was like a long lost feeling taking root again in my soul. I marveled at the spirit that I felt in answer to my prayer and supplication. Since that time, I served my 2 year mission, returned and married a beautiful woman with her own conversion story (she had no religion before joining this church). We have four children now and could not be happier. The gospel of Jesus Christ, His teachings and precepts fill every facet of my life. I still screw up along the way, but I repent and call upon my Father for forgiveness. He hears my prayers; he blesses my life. His authority, the Priesthood, given to his Apostles on this earth even today, seals my family together forever and brings me the eternal prospect of living with Him again.

How I live my faith

The particular type of law I handle brings it own "destructive" element with it. By living my faith, I make sure to be honest in my practice, in my consultations, and in my efforts to assist those who come into my office. I argue in court with tact and humility. I seek mercy for my clients, as some wish to change their lives for the better. I uphold the laws, as I believe they were initially instituted in this country by men who were inspired of God. I believe God set this country apart for the betterment of the world and introduction of the gospel - a phenomenon that could not have occurred without the freedoms we enjoy. In my church, officially, I am currently serving as a leader for the men between about the ages of 18-40 in our geographical area (about 50+ men). I help make sure that lessons are taught in church that we need to hear, based on our current circumstances. I assist in planning service projects and overseeing their efforts to visit those not of our faith and those who have not been to church in a while. I help our main church leader by reporting back about the efforts we are making. I help teach the doctrines we believe in. I enjoy the sweet gift it is to see from a different perspective how amazing each of these men are in their own right. They owe no duty to me, but their Savior, and they spend tireless hours devoting their time and resources for His children here on earth. I love seeing it and being a part of it. I am also on the Troop Committee for our local Boy Scout troop and get to help in making sure the young men are progressing towards the highest rank of achievement - the Eagle. We all serve without pay and compensation, though the enrichment of our lives and the blessings we ultimately receive - particularly JOY - far outweigh any earthly benefits we could imagine.