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Hi I'm Steve Petchey

My self, my wife and 6 children are committed Mormon Christians. We live in England. I am a retired computer engineer.

About Me

I am a retired I.T. professional. For the last fifteen years of my working life I was employed as a network manager in a college for 16-18 year olds. I have a passion for serious music especially modern jazz and classical. I also maintain a poetry website and enjoy making amateur movies, playing the guitar and singing.

Why I am a Mormon

I was a typical 17 year old young man of the 1960s. I sang and played in a soul band, jazz was my passion and I did not believe in God. I felt science could provide all the answers to the big questions. I came home one day in August 1966 and my mother said she had invited back two young American missionaries who would like to talk to me. I was confident I could argue my corner. However they came and spoke to me of a living prophet, the Book of Mormon and the restored church. They stimulated my imagination and so I decided to learn more. One passage in the Book of Mormon challenged me, it gave a scientific approach to faith. To experiment. (See Alma 32:26-43) I performed the first of many experiments as suggested, which was to find out if, was Joseph Smith was a true prophet. I had a clear objective, I had the evidence to consider - the Book of Mormon and the revelations he received and I had a method to apply; to study, ponder and pray. As I applied myself to this I received a growing conviction that he was a true prophet of God. Through the Book of Mormon and the revelations Joseph Smith received I also came to love the Bible, especially the New Testament. I gained a firm faith in the love of God through of Jesus Christ as the son of God and saviour of mankind, in the wonders of grace and in the immortality of the soul. 45 years on and after having that conviction challenged on many fronts, I am more certain than ever, that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. In that 45 years I have served a mission in Lancashire England, married and raised 6 children who are all still true to the faith. I have also remained open to scientific advancements. Brigham Young taught that as Mormons we accept ALL truth from whatever source. Jesus said and 'Truth will make you free!' It does!

How I live my faith

It is in my role as a husband and father of 6 beautiful children that I have experienced the blessings of an abiding faith in a living God. The love of God is always accessible. In any situation, when we are emotionally challenged, by accessing that love through Jesus Christ, any situation can be quickly resolved. Following the counsels of living prophets have blessed us beyond measure. Daily family prayer, scripture reading, keeping the Lord's Day free from worldly influences and holding a family night once a week have really made a difference. 2 Chronicals 20:20 reads, 'Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.' With my wife I am currently fulfilling a full-time (35 hours a week) voluntary assignment for the church. I also organise the music in the congregation where we live; the personnel to play, hymns for meetings etc. When aged 23 I served a two year mission for the church. On return I met a young lady who when working in Brazil joined the church. We maarried and have reised six beautiful children who are all strong in the faith. I have often served as a Bishop of the congregations where we have lived. In looking back, outside of my family life, some of the most satisfying experiences I have had have been when involved in interfaith and community projects. I have been a member of an international interfaith organisation for the last 20 years. In the city near where we live I joined with other Christians in setting up an emmergency accommodation service for young homeless people. This was achieved by having a list of volunteers who would provide a room and food for a young person wth very little notice, until welfare agencies could provide something more permananent. As a family we were also on the list.