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Hi I'm Abel

i was born in Ethiopia, i love basketball, i have the best family in the world, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

well i'm 21 and i'm having a great time being a missionary in the Oregon Eugene Mission. i went to a year of college at snow. i'm studying to become a CRNA aka an anesthesiologist assistant. i want to be able to go back to Ethiopia with a medical team and help those kids who don't have much. i'll have to get better grades to do what i want. college was great though and i learned a lot. my hobby would have to be basketball. i can't stop playing it. its just to much fun. i love hanging out with friends and spending time with the family. i love being active in sports and anything that makes me laugh. i love pranking people. i should probably slow down at that but its to much fun. at the time missionary work is my everyday life and i'm loving it. its a true testimony builder when i get to be apart of a baptism and see someone find their way to get closer to god. i wouldn't give this experience up for nothing.

Why I am a Mormon

so i was born in the land of Ethiopia. i was as you see on tv begging for my next meel. everyday i would go out to get whatever i could get. it is usual for the child to get punished if they didn't get home with anything so that would happen to me. my parents died at a young age from an illness that was caused possibly by the war that was going on at the time. my grandma to charge and became my parent figure till i was about 5. at age 5 i was put into an orphanage. it wasn't the best place to live but at least i got a roof over my head and at least one meal a day. in the orphanage is where i saw the first sign of a church. it was the lds church. i was young and sick but i could see something different about those kids who where smiling with one another. to me they where like angels in their white dresses. there and then i wanted what they had. well i was sick and didn't have long to live so in my mind it wasn't reachable. but when i was 6 years old i had the chance to be adopted with 5 other kids to a couple who where in their late 50's. that was a miracle and a whole story it self. but getting adopted gave me the chance to be part of the church which i saw when i was in the orphanage. i was so happy but i had to wait for a while because i had to go through some treatments because of my illness which was another miracle. well after all that was done i got to go to church and feel god in my life. i got to feel the love of a family again. my story goes on but because of just what i have experienced during that time of my life gives me a testimony of Jesus Christ. i know he lives. i know he loves me. at this Easter season i have so much love and thankfulness to him. he lives and i know it. he does love everyone of us. i know this. in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

How I live my faith

right now i'm a missionary and i go out and serve the lord every day 24/7. i get the opportunity to see people come closer to Christ and more importantly find themselves. i have seen how this gospel has made a bad person good and a good person better. i think the best thing about going on a mission is that i doesn't just help others come closer to Christ but it build me as well. i can say i am a better person and a more god loving person since i have been on my mission. i hope to carry those precious experience's and the things that i have learned with me when i'm done with my mission.

Are there restrictions based on race or color concerning who can join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have the priesthood?

there is no race or color restrictions to who can hold the priesthood and be a member of this church. there was once where colored people could not hold the priesthood. the reason for that is simply because god commanded that to be that way. personally i had a hard time with this thing about why colored people couldn't hold the priesthood. well it took till i was on a mission to finally get the personal revelation on that subject. i wont say it on here because that's my own opinion and my own revelation and it might not make sense to you but when it hit me it was like a burden was lifted off my shoulders. its not uncommon in the bible where a race was not allowed to be of the church. who know's why god did that? my thoughts on this is that we only see a little peace of the board game and god see's the full thing meaning we don't know whats going to happen in the future but god does and he will help us in what ever way he feel's necessary. he loves all of us and i know he'll do the thing that is best for us. we might not think it at the time but when you grow up and look on how your life turned out you can see that it needed to happen for you to learn. that is the whole purpose in life. its to learn and grow and find our way to god again. bad things happen. things we don't understand happen. if we know the love god has for us it wont matter. - Mosiah 23: 21 - 22 Show more Show less