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Hi I'm Chris

I was born in Cardiff and grew up in the wonderfully wet part of Wales called Pembrokeshire and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

From an early age I've love science - and astronomy in particular. I love reading, anything to do with computers, films and swimming. I am a divorcee and have four beautiful children - three boys and one girl all of whom I love greatly.

Why I am a Mormon

My family was all church of England, but when I was about seven my mother saw in the paper an artical about the a church being built in Cardiff. She exclaimed 'How can they be build a church when our chuches are being closed due to small numbers?' A week later the Missionaries knocked on our door telling us that that had tried to to cal on us for the last month - but had never got any replay. Coincidence? I think not. So I grew up in the church but it wasnt until I was 14 that I received a witness for myself if it was true. After much prayer and fasting, and no small struggling with my sciencistfic-type mind, I received in my heart the peace and love that can only come from God. I wish I could say that after that it was all plain-sailing - but it wasn't. However throughout all my trials [and my failures far outweigh my triumphs, I'm afraid] I always knew in my heart that this was the true Church of Jesus Christ. It is so special, so wonderful, that I wish everyone could see it like I do. Is it a church of perfect people? No, far from it - but we all wish to be better then we are - and that is what the church helps you to do - become a better person. If you let it, it will change a bad person into a good person, a good person into a better person, a better person into a great person. I've seen it happen to both friends and family. Is it easy? No - but so, so worth it.

How I live my faith

As I grew up, I learned by the example of others, especally my hometeaching companion, that servse to others was the key to a happy life. He was [and is] tireless in his devotion to others - inside the church or out. Even when we had got to see everyone he would aften remind me that just because we had seen them that month it didn't mean we could not forget about them. Indeed we should pray always for them and keep in touch at church and throughout the week to make sure that they were ok. That's just the kind of guy he is. I have taught lessions to the priesthood and sunday school and love it [although when I started teaching it was a completely different story - I was so nervious and tongue-tied that I was barely able to do anything - so you could say I learnt too]

Why are Mormons asked to donate 10% of their income to their Church?

This for my very mathatically brain was a tough principle for me to get into my heart. How can nine of something be MORE than ten of something? It didn't seem right. I did pay my tith out of respect to the Lord and the Church but deep in my heart it just didn't feel right. Then in my late thirties I went through some tough financial times and had to really choose whether to pay my tithing or not. After a LOT of struggling and pray, pleeding with the Lord to give me a witness about it, I remained unconvinced but I continued to pay, asking the Lord to accept my offering and deeply resisting the urge to pay my tithing last instead of first. About two months later I noticed a funny thing had happened. My usual bills were the same, but I had more money in the bank than I thought I had. Obviously some cheques hadn't cleared I though but as the months rolled on, I found that I was no longer short of money. I didn't had loads of cash, but I always seem to have enough. It was then that I realised that the Lord had answered my prayers and I had received my witness. As I payed tithing the right way, my heart had been changed so that I no longer went for fancy items or gizmos that cost more but have no real longtime value. My outlook had changed and with it my spending. Since then I have often 'found' items in shops that suited me which for one reason or another had been reduced. I have found when you pay a rightous tithe, the Lord looks after your bank-balance. Show more Show less