What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Tanner

I'm an artist, an outdoors man, a full time missionary in LongBeach California. Most Importantly a child of God, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Im Tanner, and I grew up in the Great White North in Alberta Canada. I am curantly serving a full time mission in Long beach California. I love the arts. I grew up in a home filled with music, dance, reading, and games. I love to do all of that and more I love being outside where I am able to see God's hand at play. I enjoy camping and rock climbing in the Rocky Mountins. I enjoy being with my friends playing pen and paper RPGs, watching movies, or just being with the ones I love I like to talk about the doctrin of this chruch. I like to tell jokes and sing I love to make people smile

Why I am a Mormon

I’m a member of this Church because when I have concerns about life, I’ve found the answers through the words of the prophets in "The Book of Mormon" and the "Holy Bible", which gives the words of Christ. This church goes by these books and the doctrine is clear because of it. There was a moment in my life that I had a feeling in my soul, one that if it could be placed into words would say, “I AM ALONE". A thought came to my soul as if to say "I am your friend" it filled me with knowledge and a feeling that I was accounted for, I realized God was aware of me. It left me feeling silly that I had not considered that God was aware of me. Now that I look back I know that this was the Spirit or the comforter whom the Father sends In Christ's name. Whenever I've had concerns about the doctrine of Christ, or I did not understand God, I searched, until I heard or read an answer, and the feeling of the Spirit clears away the doubt, and filled my mind with knowledge and my soul with peace. God is truth; the same yesterday, today, and forever. We need seek Him, listen, and obey, and then He will fill us with His truth. The things I learn in this gospel fill the gaps in my life and mind like little puzzle pieces of light. I will never piece it all together in this life, BUT, I know who I must look to, to know how it all measures up, it is Jesus Christ the Son of The Most High God. This church knows the one path of God. And it contains all the answers to the questions of my soul.

How I live my faith

Faith is an action word. If you have faith it will show through your actions, not actions that people will see, but if you are doing all you can people will inevitably see it. Jesus Christ was the best example of faith through action. He did not care what people thought of Him, he did what He knew He had to. His action and example was seen and it influences us for the positive. I am sure that it was when people were not looking that Christ did his greatest work. I did not see, yet his actions effect me so much; I try to follow him. It is hard for me to not care what people think, so I have been trying to worry about what Christ thinks of me. I do this by following His way. I have been teaching the gospel full time for almost two years now, seeking others who wish to come to God through Christ. This is one small part of it. The big act of faith is where people cant see. It is during prayer, study, and worship that I seek ways to change my heart and my thoughts, so that Christ will accept me, so I can be what God wants me to be. Christ aligned His will with the Father through prayer, he staved off the darts of the adversary with scripture and he showed what one does who has internalized the will of God. I live my faith by trying my best to follow Christ's example and seek God's will in my life through prayer and study. The actions that people see are just a side effect of it all.

What is the role of the husband and the wife in the family?

The only roles in life that can be limited to gender would be, only women can have children, and only men are given the Priesthood. WHY? We each have an important role to play and these two gifts help us understand our responsibilities to serve others. My father takes the lead guiding our family in prayer and scripture study, my mom provides a gentle love with profound insights that only a mother can give. When my mother was not there I knew I could turn to my father. When my Father was gone mother took the lead guiding us through prayers and study. My parents honor and sustain each other in their roles, they work together. My father is not in charge even if he has the priesthood, God is the head of family, and the priesthood is the tool that ensures God's will is known in the home and that the holder acts on it. The priesthood demands that he serve the family and seek God's guidance as to how he should serve and how the home is to be run. He takes what he feels the spirit tells him and brings it to mom and they both prayerfully consider it together to know if it is right; If not he will try again. When it is what God requires they will act together. My mom and dad work together as one and they help one another fulfill the roles God has given them through prayer; the tools that are divinely given ensure that they both play their part. Fathers guide and protect with priesthood that they must be worthy to use, mothers provide care and inspiration with divine gifts given by God. Show more Show less