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Hi I'm Jacob Kinne

I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

About Me

I was born in to a family where pretty much everyone on my mother's side were members and my father was a member. By age 6 my parents were divorced, my father left the church, all my aunts and uncles had left the church, and my mother had left the church and remarried a nonmember when i was 7. My grandparents on my mother's side were still active in the church and so i went to church with them. They moved away a couple years later to get cancer treatment for my grandfather and i was left the last active member in the church. I would occasionally go with my mother and stepfather to different churches (they were experimenting and trying to find a church they both enjoyed and had been for a while at this point) and no matter where I went, no place felt quite right. I had known from a young age that this was the true church, this was God's kingdom on the earth, and i just couldnt explain how i knew or why. But i did. And no other church could offer me that sure knowledge. Throughout my teenage years I struggled with a lot of things and made many wrong choices, but I never lost my testimony. And the church is what helped me throught it all. It gave me that goal and motivation to get my life straightened back out and keep things straight. As things straightened out, my family slowly started coming back to the church. Now my mother, stepfather, both sisters, my aunt, uncle, and his two children are active members of the church and the Lord continues to bless the family every day.

Why I am a Mormon

Over the last 20 years I have seen many miracles and seen the power of this Gospel change many people's lives, including my own. It has brought joy to me and my family and constantly affords me new opportunities and knowledge to better myself and grow closer to my Heavenly Father. As I have lived my life in accordance with what the Gospel teaches I have seen it bless me and those around me. It offers a great standard to live your life by and the blessings are so real and the ultimate goal of returning to be with our Heavenly Father and have an eternal family is what motivates my actions and gives my life purpose. It is such a comfort to have that goal and that purpose, but the real comfort is having the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost and having him testify to me daily that this is God's church and families can be forever, and no mortal trial or temptation can keep me from being with and like my Heavenly Father if i will choose to do my best to live like my Savior Jesus Christ did.

How I live my faith

The biggest way that I have tried to live my faith is to help other's feel the joy that comes from being a member of the church and experiencing the same wonderful blessings it has brought me. I try to be an example and be an inspiration to those around me and offer them advice and share my experiences to ultimately help them better their life. As of right now, I am serving a mission in Las Vegas Nevada, giving up 2 years of my life and dedicating them solely to help the Savior in His task of finding the lost sheep and bringing them back to the fold. I try to live like Jesus Christ did and try to do and say the things He would do and say. And daily, I fall very short of that perfect example, but this life isnt about achieving perfection. Its about trying harder each day. And that is what I try to do.