Spencer Thompson: Macon, College, Farr West, Georgia, Ogden, Mormon.

Hi I'm Spencer Thompson

About Me

You could say that I love all the small and simple things in life from the way that they Sun sets over the Utah mountains to a small inside joke that people catch on to, and just the things that people don't really pay any attention to, I enjoy those things because it's those little things that make the day really worth it, and also define who we are. I guess you could say that I came from your average Mormon home, with three brothers, great parents and a very strange dog. I grew up in Utah and I served two year mission for the church in the Georgia Macon Mission, my goal in this is to help bring others close to Jesus Christ and feel His influence in my life as I have. Right now, I'm pursuing an MBA business degree, I feel like I would be more able to make differences in many other people's lives, My three brothers are my closest friends and I would do anything for them, even though when we pull out Smash Brothers it doesn't quite look that way, If they needed anything I would do it for them, and really anyone else that I care about, I'm not one to leave someone hanging. I'm not one to turn down a challenge whether that be doing something completely dangerous or just in general stupid, if there is a possibility of me being able to do it you can bet I will do it. I'm not one to quarrel, I think there are better ways of solving our problems than arguing and fighting over it. I'm pretty easy to get along with too. Well, I guess you could say that's me in a nut shell.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the church yes, like may members of the church. But that wouldn't hold me through trials of my faith. I have always believed what my parents taught me, and what the other members of the church taught me. I never doubted it and I always believed it. But that's not why I'm a Mormon. I am a Mormon because I have taken the time to ask. About it and God took the time to answer me. And, when I was about 16 I started realizing that I made some pretty bad mistakes. Nothing to make my parents extremely worried about me, but I knew that I wasn't being who I was supposed to be, again, the little things. And those little things kept eating at me, and I thought I would never get over my trials. But then I was in a class, and someone taught me about what true repentance was, and I knew that that was what was missing in my life, they taught it by using a story from the Book of Mormon. I then took the time to Pray and I put all of my mistakes to the side and sincerely asked to be forgiven. And the weight of all of those things were taken off of me. And I felt the love of my Savior touch my heart and I felt clean and pure. And ever since then I have been wanting to share that love with everyone that I can.

Personal Stories

Which of the Savior’s teachings have influenced you in your life?

I'd have to say that all of the Savor's teachings has been a huge influence on my life. But there are two that I would really like to focus on, those being, Love one another, and then, ask and ye shall recieve, Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you. The reason why these two stick out to me the most is because, Jesus Christ loved us all so much that he gave his life for each and every one of us, and we are all children of God therefore, brothers and sisters, I can't imagine what life at home would be like if I had hated those in my family, It would have been miserable. But when I look at it in an eternal perspecive, since we are all children of God, if we hate each other now, the next life would be really awkward. And since I have developed a greater love for my fellow man I want to help everyone, "when you are in the service of your fellow man, you are only in the service of your God" I have taken that to heart. The other one Ask and ye shall recieve, that really focuses on prayer, and there is a promise there, God loves us so he will hear our prayers, and he WILL answer them, it isn't usually in the way we expect, and sometimes we are too busy looking for the way we want it answered that we overlook the answer that is standing right in front of us. I can promise everyone that reads this, has had their prayers answered, in one or another, God has answered your prayer, some prayers may go unanswered for some time, but God's time is not our time. Prayers do get answered, I know that, it has shaped my life and changed it in ways I could never expect, I look back at my life and I can very easily see that God loves me and has in fact answered many of my prayers.

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

The Book of Mormon, the way that it has brought me closer to God, There have been so many instances in my life where it has brought me closer God, some are very personal to me as well. The most frequently occurring thing that has brought me closer to God through that book is that so many times I can feel God speaking to me through it. Anytime I get really frustrated or I'm feeling depressed, and I do this with the Bible as well, every time I sit down, say a prayer to God and letting him know what I am feeling right then and there and how hard things are, after I say that, and I open the Book of Mormon, I feel him comforting me through the words in the book, even if what I feel come to me isn't even related to the words that I read. It really opens the door to allow the spirit and God into your heart and let you know that things are going to be ok, or if I need to change a few things in my life to be in more harmony with His teachings. So it really just lets the spirit enter and tell me what I need to know at that moment. That's the one that has helped me through all of my difficult times, I do have other experiences, but those are really personal.

Why do Mormons go on missions?

The best way I can answer that is by sharing my reasons for going on a mission. At first, it was my dream, I sat in primary class, that's where they send the young kids to be taught in a way that they will understand, and the people would talk about missions and everything that they are and how important it was. I was only thinking, that's what I want to do with my life. So, for me it was fulfilling a life long dream. But as I was out longer I started realizing that there is more to than just that. My love for Jesus Christ grew and I started to really love the people I'm around and I couldn't gain a greater love for them and my savior and not share this message which has changed my life and made me a better person. Childhood dreams and a love of the savior, That's why I went on one.

How I live my faith

The best way to say this is that I'm definitely not just a weekend and Sunday only kind of person. I do everything I can to constantly be living the way I'm supposed to and be an example to others, now of course I'm not perfect, far from it. But I strive to what I can to follow Jesus Christ. And like I said earlier, I love the small things, I strive to do what I can, even the small things because that is what defines our character, anyone can say that they would move a mountain for the Lord, but not strive to do the small things Jesus asks us to do like being a friend to someone who needs it or just keeping our thoughts out of the gutter. I also lived my faith by serving a mission for the Lord in Macon. It's the most rewarding thing I was able to do. Now I try to be an example, answer any questions that people have about the church and help whoever I can make better choices and do the right things. Always being true not just on sundays