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Hi I'm Jules

I've had homes in Thailand, Pakistan, Indonesia and the US, all while being a Mormon. I have a graduate degree and want to teach.

About Me

Teaching the future generation is something I hope to do as a Family and Consumer Science educator. I have studied Family Life, Sports Medicine and Instructional Design. I have a passion for interior design and like organizing and creating beauty. I love agates, rough stones, hiking, animals in the wild and visiting zoos. I love museums and learning and talking about deep things. I like writing articles of faith and inspiration. I like hosting parties and having family over. I love good healthy food! I like to go dancing but don't go as much any more because I don't want to lose hearing! I now choose to exercise more and prepare my inner self to receive a stellar companion! I have been single for a long time, even though I have wanted to be married. However, I think God has spared me many bad relationships that I was, at the time, willing to barrel into anyway! So thankful He has helped me avoid them! I try to be obedient to my parents. I have a confident/friendly/open and outgoing side as well as an introspective and reflective side.

Why I am a Mormon

Even as a flight attendant, away from my family and members of my religion, I kept my Christian standards. I met people of other faiths, were were also religious and faithful. When I was a little girl I felt amazed when my congregation sang 'Angels We Have Heard on High'. I later realized that this was the influence of the Holy Ghost. When I was younger than 8, two missionaries taught me where I was before earth and where I can go after earth (3 different kingdoms). I felt so sure and comfortable with this doctrine and have never doubted it since. I have felt the presence of angels in my life and have felt God communicate His love and direction to me often. I have a testimony that what we do in this life matters and that we are not invisible to God. I have a testimony that what goes around comes around. I have a testimony of Jesus Christ. I have felt of His reality as I have attended the temple. I know God has protected me and has given me dreams to warn me and help me, just as He did for people in the Bible days.

How I live my faith

I do not have a 'big' FORMAL responsibility at church. However, when I see a child that needs comfort or an old lady that needs a friend, I feel that it is my informal duty to respond in Christlike love and charity. I am trying to live a more truly charitable life and not a life of counterfeit charity in which one would do something good to get something good in return. I want to be a truly remarkable, refined, genuine and Godly person. After I watched Lele Sobieski perform in the movie Joan of Arc... I was astounded at how much I wanted to be like her. She was not LDS but had the same standards as me! She was a French young woman of great courage, patriotism and faith. She knew God spoke to her. She followed Him. She helped lead the French in a victory over the English. I want to be virtuous like her. When I have fallen from the best standing in the church, I have come back and confessed my sins to my church leader. He has helped me recover and be lead back to Christ. I feel that my mind works better in school when it is free from guilt and shame. The gift of the Holy Ghost was given to me after I was baptized into this church. I have often felt it tell me to do certain things. I am still learning to follow His voice. Sometimes I do awesome and sometimes I kick myself for not being more obedient. One of the things that gives me hope is that if I do something wrong and feel bad and stupid...I can be assured that God does not lie and as surely as what I did was stupid in His eyes, He will forgive me if I repent in all sincerity and try not to repeat it. Jesus warned Peter that he would deny Him three times. Peter thought he never would but then he did. I believe that this failure only helped him to be a stronger testifier of faith later. I am not strong without God. God's strength is not in fighting or in contention, it is in a quiet peaceful whisper of power that doesn't need to shout to overcome battlefields or challenge. I pray to follow the Spirit daily

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

Before I had been allowed to go to the temple I did not know what to expect. I was surprised at how simple and good it felt when I did go. The experience of the temple is one to remind us that we came from God and what we need to do to return to Him. It reminds me that I am far away from Him when I do not take the time to let Him speak to me. I have felt His love in the temple and my testimony of the Savior has increased just from attending. It is like the Spirit of the Temple testifies of Him. I couldn't go to the temple until I was in my mid-twenties because I was not getting married and did not need to go on a mission before that. Most female girls don't go as single women until they are older (mid-twenties earliest) or married. I just reached a point in my life where I wanted more spirituality. I felt too far away from God and wanted Him to reach my heart more and speak to me. I am very grateful that I went. I felt prepared for the temple after seeing a video of the Savior and ancient prophets. The people who went to the temple in the ancient days did ordinances like we do today in ours. I think it is so neat that so many MORE people can go to the temple at one time than in the olden days. We have temples around the world. It would not make sense to go unless everything else in the gospel makes sense. It just builds on the basic concepts of the gospel. Show more Show less