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Hi I'm Judi Dimicelli

I'm practically a California native with roots in Utah. I'm a recent convert who's proud to say, "I'm a Mormon."

About Me

I've spent almost my whole life in the same neighborhood of my home city. In fact, as I grew up, the city grew up, changing from a sleepy community filled with orchards of apricots, prunes, walnuts, and almonds to the heart of Silicon Valley. I've worked 36years at the very high school I attended, teaching English as a Second Language, and am on the cusp of retirement, or as I insist on calling it, the commencement of the rest of my life. I raiseda fantastic daughter who is pursuing a graduate degree in social work. As painfully boring as this all may seem, I spice up my life with lots of hiking, walking (especially along the coast), a bit of traveling, and wonderful friendships.

Why I am a Mormon

I have long felt the influence of a guiding spirit in my life. My mother grew up LDS, but left the church. All of my cousins in Utah are active members. I was raised and participated as an active member of another religion, but I found myself turning away. My questions and doubts became my creed. My heart hardened. I never stopped praying, but I addressed my prayers to a Great Spirit. However, my daughter and I continued to visit my cousins in Utah, almost always for the Fourth of July weekend. We always accompanied them to church meetings, Testimony Meetings, and I felt what I now know is the prompting of the Holy Ghost because I wanted even then to bear my testimony regarding the wonder of my cousins, their faith, their strong families, their dedication to the church, and their generous acceptance of my daughter and me at their summer celebrations. I realize that it takes a family both temporal and eternal as well as a ward to change a mind and soften a heart. After a cousin's visit to Palmyra, I accepted a visit by the local ward's missionaries and a copy of President Hinckley's Family Proclamation. That same cousin had sent me a Book of Mormon, complete with Post-It notes. The seed was planted in my soul, but I was not ready to nurture it. Several years later, after my mother's death, I had various brief encounters with members of the church and after stumbling upon an article about the humanitarian projects of the local Relief Society, I decided to investigate.The commitment, faith, and knowledge of the missionairies and various ward members amazed me, and I experienced a change of heart. That little seed "swelleth and sprouteth and beginneth to grow," and I made a commitment. I became convinced that this church comes from goodness and love, that the Book of Mormon teaches us to live rightly and humanely as we work to attain Christ-like virtues, and that the people herein strive to live in accordance with the letter and spirit of the commandments.

How I live my faith

After my amazing baptism during which all my cousins from the oldest to the youngest as well as some of the returned missionaries who had taught me had precious and memorable parts, I've been called to serve in several ways. The first, while I was attending regularly but not yet baptised, was small, just to help with the ward Christmas party and to serve on an activities committee. However, the calling that put me in a "spiritual" panic was to be a Visiting Teacher. Luckily, the Relief Society presidency chose a wonderful, lifelong member to be my companion. What a role model she has been! I am sure that I have learned more as I've tried to fulfill this calling than the sisters I visit. The most important of my callings so far has been that of being Primary teacher. I have a lot to learn to fulfill this calling adequately, right down to all those cute Primary songs. I am grateful to have the opportunity to participate fully as an active member of Christ's church. I pray now for the heart, determination, and courage to continue my journey that I may grow strong in faith and live more righteously. I understand now that we are not human beings on a spiritual journey. Rather, we are "spiritual beings on a human journey." I bear testimony of this wonderful journey in the most holy name of Jesus Christ.