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Hi I'm Suzie

i am a mother of 3 and married to my best friend. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

i am a lover of words. when i was growing up i read constantly. the book world was a lot more exciting then high school. i can be sarcastic and loud. i believe in being kind to everyone. i can be shy and that makes it hard for me to put myself out there. i love the color yellow. it is the color of sunshine and flowers. there is something about that color that brings a smile to my face. i love my family. and truthfully i love being a mother. there are days when i look at my children and i want them to stay little forever. i may not love the cleaning and the messes but i love being their mother. that makes me special. only i can be their mother. i am a firm believer that there is beauty in our lives the only problem is seeing it through the screaming and yelling. I love nature. i enjoy being outside and my favorite thing to do is go hiking. i am a runner. and no i am not good at it. i run for me. running is something that i do just for me that fills me up so then i can continue to give to my family. i have learned that by being a mother we give give and give..... but giving when we are empty doesn't really work. i am not gorgeous. people don't look at me and think "wow! That girl is so gorgeous!" and that is okay. I know i am beautiful. My Father in Heaven has told me and that is all that matters. I am starting to love me for me and the more i love myself for who i am the more I am able to love others.

Why I am a Mormon

because He loves me. that is what drives me to be a better person, a better mother and a better friend. He loves me. He knows all my faults and short comings and he loves me anyway. His love makes me feel like I am beautiful and I can do anything. My Savior died that i can live with Him again. How can you repay something like that? By feeling his love for me I can feel love for others. I can love my family..... we can be together forever.

How I live my faith

i am grateful that i am a mother. i am grateful for who i am. I get to stay at home and be a mother to my children." today i am proud to be a mother. motherhood is not something that you can chose to do one day, then decide you don't want to do it the next. motherhood is a calling. i have been giving the calling to nurture and teach my children. i was given the calling by my Father in Heaven. sometimes i wonder if He knew what He was doing. He knows my faults and my weaknesses. but He still gave those sweet amazing spirits to me. my children are amazing. they are sweet, beautiful, smart and loving. how i came to be their mother is a mystery to me. but if He has faith in me, i should too. i don't always like being a mom. i don't always like having to care for someone else 24/7. some days i would love to just think about me and only me for one day. but i always love my children. they make me a better person. they help me be unselfish. they teach me to be forgiving. they love me know matter what i do or how i look. being a mother does make me a better person. in this world we need more mothers. we need people that are less selfish. we need people who are more forgiving. we need nurturers. for me being a mother to my children is the most important thing i will ever do in this life. i will never be famous or rich. but i can be me. i have so many wonderful friends and family that are amazing examples to me of motherhood. i want to be honest in my feelings about motherhood..... it is hard. some days are harder then others. it isn't always smiles and cute clothes. there are times i just want to sit and cry. but i remind myself that it is worth it, i say a quick prayer and push on until bedtime. i hope i inspire others. i hope i help other know they are not the only ones that feel overwhelmed. motherhood can get pretty lonely sometimes. it is a blessing to have woman that understand, feel and know what i am saying. i am grateful.