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Hi I'm Emily

I love colorguard, I love music, I used to live in China, and I’m a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a quiet little town California with my mom, dad, and two little brothers. We were your ordinary family that was much too over booked with activities like piano, swimming theater, church, student council, and everything in between. From participating in so many activities, I started to develop a passion for four things: colorguard, music, Chinese and my religion. When I started high school I decided to get involved with something out school and tried out colorguard. I immediately fell in love with the sport and continued participating in it for the next seven years. Another thing that I love is music. All of it. Listening, creating, performing, there’s something about being able to express yourself through song that is so much fun. I also love Chinese. My junior year of college I had the opportunity to go on study abroad to China where I learned about the language, culture, the people, and even learn the language.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised in the Church. I always had faith that what I learned in church was true. I’ve never doubted that there is a God, that He is my Father in Heaven, that He knows me. I’ve always known that Christ is my Savior, and because He suffered for me, He knows me perfectly and is my best friend. I wanted a testimony for myself though. I had always heard people’s miraculous stories about gaining testimonies of the church and the Book of Mormon, so I was expecting something big. Maybe a warm feeling like a hug, maybe a very clear voice stating it was true-hey, maybe I would even see an angel, who knows? With big expectations, I knelt down by my bedside and asked God if the book was true. I waited a couple seconds-nothing. One minute-nothing. Two minutes-still nothing. What did I do wrong? Everyone talked about receiving their answers instantaneously-I had to have done something wrong. I decided to read the Book of Mormon again. After finishing it one night, I knelt down again in prayer, knowing fully well that this time, I was going to get an answer. I humbly asked God to let me know that the Book was true. I sat and waited for a long time, and finally-nothing. No answer. A few a few years later when I attended a church meeting while I was going to school at BYU. I was listening to a friend give a talk about how he gained his testimony of the Book of Mormon. His experience was just like mine, but one time he knelt down and poured out his soul, just wanting to know if the Book was true. He said that a very clear thought came into his mind that said, “You already know its true, why are you asking me?” Huh. I guess I got my answer-I already knew that the Book was true. But I would pray for an experience to know that it was true. Apparently when you pray for miraculous experiences, you don’t always get them. It was during the time that I read the Book of Mormon over and over again that I gained a testimony of what it was saying was true.

How I live my faith

Right now I am serving as a missionary in Taiwan for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I go out everyday and bike around, talk to everyone at stop lights, and invite everyone to hear about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I get up every morning and have two hours to study about the I live and I learn and grow everyday. I strengthen my own testimony so that I can help others develop their own. By participating in missionary work, I get to see the change in people’s lives. Seeing someone who has never believed in god change into a person who trusts in Him and knows that we are His children. I get to help people develop faith, and that faith gives them hope for the future for a better life blessed by the peace and happiness that this Gospel brings. I live my faith by living the standards of the Church. A lot of people think that these standards are restricting rules, but the way that I see it, it gives me a lot more freedom. For example, because I don’t drink coffee, I can wake-up on my own and get straight to work. I don’t have to wait for some caffeine to kick in before I can function. Because I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t have to worry about becoming addicted to it. I know too many people who have messed up their lives because “just one more beer” leads to a lot and that leads to some poor decisions. Because I chose to keep my virginity, I don’t have to worry about being a single mom trying to work and put myself through school, all while providing for a child. I can have greater trust in my relationships with others because of that mutual understanding of my standards. The way that I live my faith is trying to follow the example of the only perfect man that has ever walked the earth, even Jesus Christ. I try to do what He would and try to lift those around me. I live my faith by trying to be the best that I can everyday.