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Hi I'm Valerie

Im a mother of 3 little rugrats that drive me crazy, and I'm a Mormon!!!

About Me

Lets see... I got married young, at 19. What can I say, "when you know; you know.". We have been Married for 10 years now and have 3 beautifully wild children. I am A stay at home mom who loves to throw parties, read, craft, (but not sew, I HATE to sew!), shop, organize girls nights out, run, travel, and hunt. Yeah I know, " one of these is not like the other". I did in fact say hunt. My husband having grown up in NV grew up hunting. Me, Having grown up in southern CA not so much. in fact there were a few months i attempted becoming a vegetarian because i love animals, (needless to say, it didn't last long)... apparently i love tacos more than I realized... can you blame me? So after my initial repulsion at Jeremy's passion, i began to educate myself, and even, *gasp* go on hunting trips with him. It turns out i didn't mind nearly as much as I thought I would. I found the entire process fascinating, and soon was hoping to draw tags of my own. I have since out hunted jeremy on occasion, Ok it only happened once, but I still feel cool! I hope to go back to school and get my degree one day. Although Im not even sure what i would like to do. I used to want to be a kindergarden teacher, but have since decided i don't have the patience of a saint, so that wont really work out. Hmm Apparently I am still on the road of self discovery; and will probably be on this road forever, at least I hope i will. I never want to think i know everything about myself there is to know.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised as a Mormon, 1 of 6 kids. When we were out and about, the first question people used to ask us was if we were mormon or catholic... we would always laugh and concede that we were indeed Mormon. I grew up with strong examples that not only taught me, but lived the Gospel Standards. I was always proud of our faith, and knew we stood for principles of great truth. When I was in High school I had a friend who thought my beliefs were wrong. I had never been placed in a situation where I experienced such Spiritual opposition before. I confronted my parents with my concerns. They encouraged me to visit other Churches and listen to their teachings, as long as I continued to attend Church meetings with our family. I enjoyed a lot of other churches, and learned a lot of truths from them while I was seeking my answer. But as I continued on this path it began to grow more and more clear that the religion that I was raised with had all the same truths as these other faiths and more. I also felt a different warmth while attending my meetings and reading The Book of Mormon. While the other churches were indeed friendly and wonderful, the overwhelming feeling of Peace, "the Spirit of God" overwhelmed me while attending church with my family and mostly while privately reading and pondering on the Book of Mormon. I finally knelt in prayer to ask for the truth to be made clear to me... i didn't wait long before i received my answer. I knew how fortunate i was to now have a testimony of my own. This was a trial in my life that I am so grateful for, because through this period of seeking, I found. I have since had many more personal confirmations of the truthfulness of this work. I know it is true with out a doubt in my mind. I am a better person because of this knowledge, and yet i know i am not nearly the best i can be.

How I live my faith

I love the gospel and try to live it in my daily life. I am the secretary for our women's organization, meaning i am in charge of our auxiliaries blog, and posting events on the calendar, taking and reporting roll, I oversee women with personal needs, etc, basically along with the President and 2 councilors of our ward women's auxiliary we make sure that each and every sisters needs are met. I am a visiting teacher to 3 sisters that make my heart light up when i think about them. Their families and their personal wisdom has enriched my life so much. I also get to be a councilor at the youth camp for our girls 12-18, im sure i will be sleep deprived after that week... but its gonna be fun! Having 3 children, i try to make spiritual teaching opportunities out of even the smallest life lessons. I'm know sometimes my oldest (9) rolls his eyes at me. But I want them to know Of our savior, and understand how the gospel can be applied to everything in this life. We read scriptures every night before bed together as a family... ok not every night, but we try to. And hold a family meeting every monday night. We have a lesson, game and a treat prepared, surprisingly my kids still love this, and i hope they always will. I love this Gospel and the hope strength and peace it has brought into my life, and into the lives of those around me. I love my Family. I Love the Lord. I love the work. I AM A MORMON.